Vintage wrought iron gates | Door Wrought Iron Inserts

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Wrought iron gates | Antique iron gate


Doors are an important part of a house that allow you to hide and discover at the same time. What belongs to privacy but at the same time thanks to the doors can be selected who are enabled to enter these secrets and hidden places surely comforting.

A closed door is the way of limitation. However, certain trends, make the boundaries are modified by adding decorations that soften the “bulls” and to make them more attractive.

What are the wrought iron gates?

The wrought iron gates for sale are those who have an unique style with a special paint, complemented by glasses or added designs so that they see, in a differentiated way the true contour of the door.

Who seek the wrought iron gates?

The doors are decorated special for those who like innovative spaces. The observer or contemplative people also like these doors are what allow it to find a new day day forms and details.

Doors decorated especially for environments that do not have attractive because it is a way of adding some crispness and fullness Wanted.

All who love a challenge and go against the issues identified have to take advantage of decorated doors because that way the environments impose originality.

Antique wrought iron gates

Today are used various materials for decoration of the doors is not a modern activity. It is a proposal that comes from ancient times only the ways in which the decoration was produced varied widely.

There are some doors with decorative glass but others build their decoration with iron forms arming figures, flowers and most original unseen structures.
This type of decoration can be found in Antiques Salvage variety of fine, exquisite and beautifully designed doors.

Restoration of vintage wrought iron gates

The doors that bring jobs inserted iron are ancient as it is an art that was done by hand. Today you can enjoy those same doors in modern homes thanks to excellent Salvage Antiques restorations carried out in an exceptional way.

The wood receive treatments and procedures to look like freshly mounted, and iron is also delicately neat to lose nothing of value construction.

Types and Uses of wrought iron gates

The old doors with iron inserts may be for entrance of houses, it is generally recommended as the first entry so they can appreciate the perforations and designs in full, but there are also wrougth iron door inserts in the inner rooms. In These cases They are used to give a new view to a room without light or ornament with few details.

Features of the ancient gates

  • Allow generating mixed environments.

The combination that allows an old door makes excellent environments criteria allow dialogue between the present and the past are generated. The old doors were often combined with one or two objects of the same art and generate truly majestic and amazing spaces.

  • Open look into the past.

Often antiques research generated desires and questions about the past. It is something that should also be used, as well decorative object like a source of knowledge.
Special features of the old doors with iron inserts

  • They are strong but have spaces for the passage of light so that can also be used very profitably for some bright rooms is allowed.

They detail-engraved wood usually combined with the iron so that everything is concentrated towards the same aesthetic purpose.

  • They are elegant, delicate and special for people who like to dream through the environments created with feeling.

Combination of wrought iron door inserts

Doors should not necessarily be combined because they are art objects themselves, however, can choose from the many varieties found in Salvage Antiques, those elements that make doors with a unit.
It is characteristic of the combinations that also contain objects woodwork from other aspects such as in the wineries, or it is also possible to choose those that conform with iron as the predominant material. Lamps, candles, or ornaments may be some of the best options.

Wrought Iron Gates

In Salvage Antiques, antiques have preferential value because they are treated with the best and most effective procedures for restoration.

Never stop visiting Salvage Antiques shop in Anaheim, California or in Jersey City in New Jersey because there you will find the widest variety of items for your home can feel all wrapped up with the air of antiques.

Antique Wrought Iron Balcony: an ideal place to dream

Antique Wrought Iron Balcony, Wrought Iron Balcony, Hand Forged Balcony, Italian Wrought Iron Balcony

Antique Wrought Iron Balcony

The style and use of balconies

A balcony is a kind of platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or brackets, and closed by a structure. There are balconies with exit to the outside and others are indoors. In all cases, a balcony is a place where you can dream, design and build for without the feet on the ground everything is possible. The balcony of a house may be the place where everything is decided for your future. Is the space through which you can see further. Balconies can be constructed with different materials but with the crucial proviso that all are strong and resilient. Security is one of the concepts that should take care when installing a balcony.

The importance of a balcony

The balconies inside a house allow open outwards without feeling invaded by the outside. Enter air, sunshine and a spirit of renewal that can be complemented with excellent decorative details. Salvage Antiques can have that balcony dreamed because in its catalog ypu will find wrought iron balconies.

The wrought iron balconies

The decorative iron balconies you can find in Salvage Antiques are decorative and beautiful stakes. They have all the spirit of hand-crafted and feature real details that surprise and can be admired over the years items. Working with old materials implies a responsibility that Salvage Antiques performed with skill and responsibility. The art work is respected and to have a true reconstruction and can revive the old ways.

The Antique Wrought Iron Balcony…

reconstruct the spaces in your home with an air of history and a majestic spirit of sophistication.
The history of the balconies

Formerly no balconies were built, at least as we understand them now. In some ancient palaces of the East there are similar constructions, but they are always indoors and stays closed by shutters. The balcony in the sense of ‘open space outdoors from the floor of the room, railing usually outgoing’, appeared in Italy in the late Middle Ages, in the fifteenth century. Dante was the first author who wrote the balcone word, derived from balco ‘platform’ and this in turn the Lombard balko ‘beam’, from the same root as the German balken.

Italian Wrought Iron Balcony

wrought iron balcony railings, french wrought iron balconiesIn the Italian Renaissance balconies stood just over facades and were exported to the rest of Europe, especially the southern countries.
The Spanish adopted the Italian balcone (along with other architectural terms) balcony as documented in 1535. More late in our vocabulary is box ‘space or chamber theater shaped balcony’, duplicate the Italian balco and Lombard toolbar first registered in our language in 1737 (Dictionary of Authorities).
The balconies are usually an outdoor extension of the living rooms and main rooms of the houses, but there are also other rooms such as bedrooms. They can occupy a single space, but there are also occupying all the voids in a flat facade, even giving back to other facades of the same building, in which case they are known as corridos balconies.
Early carved stone balconies and were shed, including balustrade (still being built well), but soon began to be manufactured with a iron railing. In the rustic and rural buildings the preferred building materials balconies was (and in places still is) wood. The set of balconies of a building is called of balconies or balcony.
In cities, the size of the balconies on the facade out, and the distance they have to be separated
from the balconies of adjoining buildings are regulated in the bylaws.

But what is the difference between a balcony and a terrace?

The ambiguous definition offered by the Royal Academy of terrace does not help answer this question: ‘Open Site in a home from which to expound the view’; because it could also serve to define the balcony. Architectural and legally balcony and terrace are different terms, and the difference can only reside in amplitude. The balcony usually has no more than a meter or meter and a half deep perpendicular to the facade, either incoming or outgoing, while the terrace exceeds this length, occupying an interior space of the building.

Iron balconies for window

Iron balconies to take advantage of windows can greatly, are an extra room in our house and for this reason they deserve a nice decoration and so get a major advantage to this little place of our house.
You can complete a house with iron balconies and you have to know that it is a very useful space. Whether you live in a large or small place, you should know that you can transform your windows with decorative balconies you find. You can place a variety of plants, some hanging to stick out from the balcony, others may be delicate flowers to add color and fragrance to this little place of our house.
You can put together a very special space and charming decor to achieve enjoy the outdoors and the sun, as there are a variety of outdoor furniture, it is advisable to choose a small table that will help us support either to place some potted plants or support for tea, we can accompany one or two matching chairs or we can locate a chaise.
In the other cities we can see tall buildings with iron windows with balcony if these buildings have many years we will see that the balconies are made of wrought iron, are highly decorative and even more if they see about them variety of plants and flowers, iron balconies are elements that greatly decorate the facade of a house or building, and even more if you make them rest areas.
Decorating the balcony to give you depend on the style that prevails in our house, having the ability to build our own relaxing corner, will place the objects are based on the available surface area, and to get over the place it is advisable to place hanging baskets small furniture and are of resistant materials as they will be in the open, if we decorated an apartment in a building may be covered our balcony, but this will not prevent the furniture are exposed to different climatic factors.

Install iron balconies for window is very useful as they will be adding a new space at home, a little place more decorative and practical, to spend some times of the day and enjoy an entertaining read or snack outdoors.


  • Decorate.
  • Rush In.
  • Suggest.
  • Open prospects.
  • Are part of a tradition.
  • Generate spaces for relaxing and surprise.

¡If you want an antique wrought iron balcony look for it in Salvage Antiques!
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The most amazing antique solid doors are in Salvage Antiques

Antique Solid Door,

The doors are parts of the house that does not always pay real attention. However, are the elements that bring us inside walls and bring us together as a family unit, as a group and as members of the same place. That is why according to the doors that are chosen will be the idea that you have of the space or the meaning you want to give an environment.
There are different types of doors, but those from antiquity are generally of wood that can be combined with other elements such as iron or glass depending on the form and use that you will have.

Types of wooden doors:

Wood doors are among the oldest manmade structures in history.

They are made of different types of wood, including cherry, walnut, alder, oak and mahogany, and are customized to suit the architectural, functional and budgetary needs. Wood doors are aesthetically attractive, sturdy and practical and can be used as entry doors, exterior doors, garage doors and interior doors.
Among the existing varieties can be found: hollow doors, flush doors or solid doors. The first two varieties are rather modern doors and will detail the sole purpose to see why you need a solid door when you want to create an environment of strength, vigor and really container

Hollow doors

Hollow doors consist of a frame which is covered on both sides with a thin layer (timber layer). Solid wood strips run by its edges. Between the two face veneers are brackets that provide door rigidity. Veneers are usually painted or varnished wood chipboard. Hollow core doors are strengthened further with different fillings. A honeycomb cardboard is the most used. A solid wood area is adjusted to a specific height on one side of the door. This is where a lock and handle are mounted. The hollow core doors are easy to install and cheaper and lighter than solid wood doors. Its disadvantage is that they do not absorb sound effectively.

Plain doors

A plain door is made of thin sheets of hardboard over a solid core wood, fiberboard or particle board. The plates serve to stabilize the door and prevent twisting. The face sheets are improved by the application of decorative panels. There are two types of cores used in flush doors: wood staves or continuous block core or core rail. A core of wood canes made ​​of vertical wooden strips of low density. A post and rail core is made of wooden blocks that are glued to the studs and rails. This type of core is less susceptible to expansion and a more stable wood core canes.

Solid doors

Panel doors, also known as stiles and rail doors, are made with a series of solid wood panels in various sizes and shapes. These panels are arranged parallel to each other. A door panel is composed of a slotted frame which is equipped with finest mahogany paneling, beech, pine or oak. Moldings are used to hold the panels in place. The size and number of panels required depend on the size of the door and the owner’s needs. A four-panel door is the most common.
Within the solid doors, antique solid doors of Salvage Antiques are among the best options you can find in the market because they have treatment options of excellent quality as well as a powerful strength that is visible from the start.

Install an antique door is to give a close to a home and can be the best options.

What inspires an antique solid door

solid interior door, custom entry doors, custom exterior door, old doors, custom solid wood doors, interior solid doors, interior solid door, solid wood double doors, In ancient times all the doors of the house closed expressing the idea with little access to privacy spaces and gave the impression that behind closed doors a world of confidences were generated.
Today the spaces of the houses tend to be more open and intimacy unfolds loudly so may be less common to have solid doors within the home. Not so with the areas leading to the outside. Or external doors or entry doors privilege sturdy materials so they do not feel that deprotection would provide a simple door or without strong materials.
An old solid door gives the idea of ​​a totality, a space where you can rest in peace because there is a protected area and also gives the air a story that all those who like the antique delight without hesitation.

Characteristics that define an antique door


Solid doors have that firmness that provides wood working whole. Also wood is combined with iron and this union makes the structures are heavy, strong and immovable.


A door that is firm is also of elegance that does not need too add to prove their presence and ability custody environment. They are the best doors for majestic environments.


Solid doors provide the idea that you can not break easily.

A solid camera is one that can limit the step to discourage those who had tried to break other openings.


Only wood and resists all the time even more. Good old restorations make solid doors look like new in modern environments.

Tips for choosing an antique door

When you have to decide which is the antique solid door that will best represent the world as your face, you can consider some aspects that will surely help you to choose the door that best fits in that location for your house.

Atmosphere adjustment

Every house has an atmosphere and style. You have to find the door that best matches the rest of the decor of the house. In Salvage Antiques in Anaheim you will find the best variety of antique solid doors you can imagine. A lot of doors to choose the best decorations so surely you find the model that is the best for your home.


With the entrance door not you only look for decor. Also the entrance door can be chosen as a symbol of security and is therefore a good option find the stronger gates.


There are doors that are true works of art.

They have details that make them decorative turned wood pieces or combined with iron.

In Salvage Antiques in California or New Jersey can find the best examples of doors and working with excellent finds and restores brilliant achieve.

Antique wood entry doors and exterior doors

Antiques in Anaheim


What are antiques

Antiques are objects and furniture, parts of buildings or structures that have some years of history and which generally accounted for from fifty to seventy years back to be considered as well.
Antiques can be achieved in many places but the real and most important antiques are those acquired in places like Salvage Antiques where they receive excellent care treatment, recovery and restoration. The work Salvage Antiques in California made ​​on the old objects allows them to remain used with the same functionality they had in earlier times but with new contexts and creating innovative spaces.
Antiques in Anaheim have value beyond the purely old because they provide data on design styles and lifestyles of previous ages and allow relive those moments or dream about them.
Many antiques can be seen and not accessible for purchase but experts such as those in Salvage Antiques antique materials allow to create custom items in order to rebuild almost all the old forms of expression.

The value of an antique

Although antiques are defined as products dating back over 100 years old, a product does not have to reach this age to have a collectible value because of their age. For an older product to rise in value should be rare, attractive, and interesting, unique or historically significant. Like any product, the value of an antique is decided by consumers and influenced by social standards and consumer preferences.
However, only certain older products have value because of their age. The aesthetic value of antiques is important. The qualities and artistic craftsmanship influence the value of antiques, especially in the case of paintings, sculptures, furniture, walking sticks, ceramics, clocks, quilts, jewelry, tea sets, automobiles and wrists.

Why buy antiques

They are an interesting option to invest. Are sold internationally and are revalued at resale.

We get pleasure and a better quality of life by raising our spirit and sensitivity.

Give prestige and make our environments more pleasant at home or in the workplace.

Your customers or guests can enjoy art pieces, which will give a better labor reputation.

Improve the atmosphere of the home and give greater social prestige.

They are unique and proprietary.

Why is it advantageous to include within a household antiques

The antiques business is always good opportunities to invest in assets that are constantly reevaluated, even in times of crisis. Only a matter of knowing enough to wait for the market to expand and the demand for re-up again. Many investors use to antiques as a refuge in times of crisis. Investing in antiques is not a cost, yet can be a very auspicious business. While other properties lose value when acquired, in the case of an object of this type is completely the opposite because antiques are increasing their value over time.
One advantage is that you can start buying slowly, one piece at a time, starting with little money, and as you will increase the number of pieces you buy without a doubt will become an expert on the subject.
The houses with antiques become excellent places to enjoy a majestic location with a sophisticated air that allows breathing history of ancestors. The doors, windows, beds, wineries, and other decorative objects multiple antiques can be part of your home and Salvage Antiques in Anaheim has to offer all of the highest quality and more.

Why are the best antiques in Antiques Salvage

When first purchases are made should always be attentive and learn everything as you can. For example, there are many places that sell imperfect pieces, but that is not the case of Salvage Antiques in California sells. This antique shop is the place to buy with more confidence because everything that happened there is exposed by the best hands and the best restorers. So each piece is given a unique treatment and well kept in its entirety.
Today, few are as good as those who work within Salvage Antiques and the result of the good work is seen in the restored objects that dazzle for quality, strength and respect for antiques artisans. Always buy antique shops where you know and trust. In Salvage Antiques you will find a place of surprising quality. This will generate peace of mind because you know you are performing a safer investment to deal with someone who has knowledge and experience.

Learning to recognize quality

You can tell at a glance when the termination quality is poor or when the wood used is poor. Good quality parts will maintain over time, and this will be reflected in figures.
Investing in antiques has few risks, as opposed to the stock market, one can also enjoy their investments while watching how the price of them goes up.

The best antiques are Anaheim Salvage Antiques on without hesitation.

Warm antique Stone fireplace

Restro Stone Fireplace, Classy Stone Fireplace, antique stone fireplace mantels, Antique Marble Fireplace, Limestone Mantle Fireplace,

Are the heart of the home and are the heart of the life. They serve to heating environments and are an important part of interior design. We are talking about the antique stone fireplace that also gives a part of the antique fire to your house.

Function of the antique fireplace

Their presence plays an important role in household customs, in the style of family life, and how the house is used. Also, a fireplace makes the home interior decoration, and in some cases the outside garden. The variety is enormous fireplaces, there are many styles and designs, and also have developed different operating systems. You can see all varieties in Salvage Antiques in California and New Jersey

A new use for old things

No fashion items are passed, by contrast, there are now new decorations fireplaces and many ideas to liven up even the unused found in older homes. The chimneys of logs or households are linked to an inherent dwellings that emerged in the early times for human mystique.

Fireplaces serve to heat the house and made ​​habitable in winter indoor environments, but also serve another important function, control fire and flame trap, which allows men to get in touch with the effects of fire, light and heat. We all have a primitive fascination with the flames, as the waters of the sea coast.

Different Styles of Antique Stone Fireplaces


When dealing with fireplaces, there are some major models among multiple unique varieties:


Inserted fireplaces

Armed fireplaces

The fireplace insert is specifically designed to be installed in an existing fireplace. It is best to change the old chimney on the other fed with different fuel. The most popular choice is a gas powered fireplace.

Armed fireplaces are designed for those with little space between the fireplace and combustible materials such as wood strips and wallboard.

Antique Stone fireplace designs

Double opening

There are a variety of styles and designs to meet the demands of consumers and in an effort to offer more than its competitors. The most popular designs are corner fireplaces and chimneys through which you can see through them with a double opening.


The second option is the corner fireplace. Is the preferred for smaller spaces and apartments, condominiums, lofts, houses or small family. A corner fireplace also provides a focal point in the room. Even if power is usually easier connection.

Type island

Another option is the island that kind fireplace radiates on all sides. With this option you can add a style of its attractive and functional. These fireplaces radiate four sides due to the four openings with which they were designed.

Other options

Also optionally have chimneys for one side to the other, which can serve as a barrier between two rooms or a point of attachment. With this option you not only divides the environment, is also made of two chimneys at the price of one. Alternatively, think of the gas fireplace peninsula type design, since it is a very attractive visually dramatic design with three openings, and better options to save energy.

Lately there are options stove chimney types. They can give your home a traditional look that will last for years. No matter what type of fireplace you choose, what really is to achieve an excellent addition to your home’s value.

Find the Stone fireplace of your dreams

Take the time to carefully consider all options that both serve well for your home design as you provide personal satisfaction to show your style. With so many possibilities you will surely find a suitable fireplace to enjoy at home.

If you want to make a beautiful place consider a complement for an antique stone fireplace. There are in Salvage Antiques lots of other products that can help you to create an environment elegant, traditional, modern and warm. In the combination you will find an excellent way to decorate your home.

A decorative glass door: a work of art in your living room

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The spirit that provides a decorative glass door

There are so many decorative doors you can look for your house, but if you concentrate on finding one that represents your personality, then, when you enter to your house you´ll feel you open the door to your interior.
Decorative glass doors are emblems of finesse and distinction. They have an art in itself and which are old express the look of other times and forms of different perspectives to see the world through a glass.

The best places for decorative glass doors:

Decorative glass interior doors

With the strength of natural light

Inside the homes of glass doors are the best options to separate areas where there is lots of light. If glass door is near a light source is very likely to look even that piece of art. They are fragile and are not vehicles of privacy so they are not recommended for closed environments in which these factors predominate

Complement of a lamp

When the door to use decorative glass in a blind or dark environment are other options. There may be home environments where natural light does not come directly or height decor decorative door glass. In such cases it is a very good choice to accompany the space given to the glass door with a lamp capable of exalting the characteristics of the door decoration that will show it.

Do not forget that decorative glass doors and light rays are good companions.

Entrance doors decorative glass

It is perhaps more complex, finding a space in a glass door look. Maybe not the necessary strength and safety to be looking at a door. However, it is very common to be used at the entrance of a house but as a second door. After the front door that will surely be a minimum solid wood hosting space, then this is the place for these glass doors that will surely make the most majestic and sophisticated task.
Another possibility of using glass doors for entrances to the house is through the accession of some kind of support in stronger iron. In this case you should be very careful. A poorly placed iron can completely change the configuration of a glass door by reducing brightness and warmth.

How to wear decorative glass doors

For ample and full environments
A good combination for glass doors is through the creation of spaces where abound simple and very ” fresh ” decorative elements. They are ideal accessories with glass, with soft colors , with warm fabrics .
To innovate
Decorative glass doors can create innovative environments where the fragility of them are presented and complemented by the bright colors, strong wood or harder cut details . There are circumstances in which this form of combination is also a way of exalting decorated glass is a piece of art.
To generate a grand space
An amount of glass, crystal soft tones and is the perfect complement to a decorative glass door if you want to achieve is a real space. Silk, water fountains, watery tones and detail will be slight sheen that makes this a true real space environment .

Who should choose decorative glass doors?

People who want to make their homes a unique space, leave a note in each room of distinction and cross the threshold of the traditional.

The ones that love fine arts

Peoople who likes to create a royal enviroment

In Salvage Antiques can find decorative glass doors so old you can not only enjoy creating in them is presented. With decorative glass doors can also be old to reflect on the processes of manufacture. There is an art inserted into decorative glass doors that reveals how beauty is portrayed in another era, how decorating a space is organized and the bond that was between architecture and decoration.

Decorative glass doors find quality cannot be achieved in many places. Only space of good and lasting restorations will be indicated to find that door decorative glass that looks good on a new environment.

In the old doors used in modern spaces converge past and present to show you that art unites and that time is just an inherent issue to the calendar.

When you see in Salvage Antiques Decorative glass doors are waiting to know how a good restoration remains unchanged all the aspects that have to do with the artistic and architectural creation.

Decorative glass doors

Beautiful parquet vintage wood flooring

Parquet vintage wood flooring, vintage wood floors, vintage wood floor tiles, wood flooring

Parquet vintage wood flooring features

No doubt, all the flooring options that can be achieved today, none offers the enduring beauty and long-term value of a solid wood floor. Unlike other flooring options that need to be replaced in time, real wood floors are an alternative that will last a lifetime.
So the hardwood floors have been part of our lives for centuries, and many of them were installed hundreds of years ago, they are still beautiful today. Following this line is that we found in Antiques Salvage vintage wood parquet flooring of excellent quality and style.
Better yet, advances in the technology of these homes, just made ​​a few decades ago, now make it possible to have a wooden floor anywhere in your home, even in areas that formerly were not considered, such as kitchens and toilets.

The best vintage wood parquet flooring

The parquet is paneling that can be placed into short strips or panels. The wood that this floor is made are hard and nobles such as oak, birch, mahogany, cherry or composite woods. Salvage Antiques models are finely crafted wood and enjoys its fundamental characteristics. The excellent restoration processes allow you to enjoy a floor as had existed in an ancient deep space in time.

How to choose the flooring for home
The choice of flooring depends on the budget that count, although a domestic placement may be more profitable to invest in the selection of the best vintage wood parquet flooring.
Their placement is not complicated, just to keep in mind some simple guidelines to achieve excellent results and a job that will last over time.

Steps to Place parquet floor


After choosing the floor and we have purchased is not advisable to place the park immediately. It is best to let it rest in the environment in which we will place, to be brought into line with the same atmospheric conditions and avoid deformation.

Floor preparation

Before placing the parquet must thoroughly clean the floor where we will support it, straighten it if it had some imperfections and make sure it is dry. If the soil damp, we should remove it before placing the parquet.

Posted adhesive

When the soil present all these characteristics can be placing the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.

Location of panels.

It will placing the panels and go leveling using a block of wood.
Remember that the parquet floor rises about 12 mm, so you should brush doors.
Ideally, start with the far side of the door and finish in the same placement. A good smooth wall is the best option.
Use a guide and not sprain string ribbon to be placing the pieces. Evenly spread the glue using the notched trowel and placing the pieces look very carefully. Use a level to check that all are level.
Do not leave space between pieces of the parquet, and if we miss some glue, at the moment we must clean it with a little water.
Among the last piece and the wall should be left about 5 mm, this is called expansion joint, which was then the clog with socket or baseboard.
When the time comes to cut piece, make a paper template to mark on the workpiece and then cut.

Where to use vintage parquet wood flooring

Any room in the house can be used to place parquet but it is always recommended in bedrooms or in those segments of the house where you want to create a warm space as the parquet relieves the cold generates more comfortable environments.
The parquet floor is not only a decorative item but also because it creates beautiful spaces where the decor can complement the warmth of wood.

How to combine the parquet

It’s good parquet combined with iron but also complemented with wooden furnishings. Wooden doors and windows surely find thousands to complete the decoration of the huge Salvage Antiques.
To give a touch of color you can add cushions or curtains that cut to the uniformity of the wood but at the same time provide more spaces for comfort.

Innovative uses vintage parquet wood flooring

A good selection composed parquet squares can form a splendid table, for example.
There are other cases where a parquet box combined with ceramic and other way to generate a more sophisticated décor.
Spaces where the parquet before could not even conceive today can also be spaces where this floor have a place. These are cases of kitchens or bathrooms. Not necessarily mean that the vintage parquet wood floor need to be in contact with water, it is not recommended, but you can create spaces that farthest from the water zone, the wood floor is used for shelter from the cold and decoration.

Caring for parquet

The parquet has many enemies. It’s wood and although pieces of art look and is sanded and varnished. Depending on the aggression suffered, the varnish can wear. Does the moisture ruins the parquet? Yes, moisture is the enemy of parquet can cause uprisings that tablets rot or sag. Avoid cleaning vintage parquet wood flooring with water. A damp cloth is enough to suffice to retain dust. Cash will maintain humidity without abrupt changes and a stable temperature.
What are the elements that hurt? The grit and excessive dust are factors of erosion and detachment. It is convenient to have a doormat before and after the access door to the apartment. Protect furniture and chair legs dragging. No touching the ground with wet shoes or thin heels.

For vintage parquet wood flooring go to Salvage Antiques where you’ll find the best options.

Old wooden doors: strong parts of history

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The mystic effect of old wooden doors

The wooden doors are a detail to give completion to an environment of great elegance because they were made with quality materials that enhance the modern constructions. A decorated room with an wooden door is also a way to a significant part of the history of architecture and ornamentation.

Among the ancient gates we can find many styles and shapes as they can be single or double entry, with or without iron and so many alternatives. There is always an old door that fits what you want and has the shape that you want to close an environment.

Why to choose an wooden door?

=> They are perfect for creating sophisticated environments.

=> Give security and strength to the environments.

=> Press to create a solid and confinable environment.

=> Provide an interesting decorative look

=> They help to think about the past.

How you can select the perfect wooden door for your house


An evaluation of the space is necessary space to know what kind of door wood can be used. The wooden doors are usually wide and tall so you have to have that space in mind when you decide to look for these types of doors.


You have to see the kind of light you have in your environment to see which wooden door is suggested. If it should be solid or if it needs a space of glass.


If you already have an armed environment it would better to look for a door to complete what you already have or be completely different to play with the breakup.

How to choose the best wooden door for interior?

For interior, doors can be big or small, with more or less decorative things depending if you want it to match the style of the environments. If you need to separate two rooms and you don´t need a strong separation you can choose an wooden door that combine wood with glass or the ones that have iron. Is very significant to decide how vital that door will be. It means if you are going to leave there as a decoration object or if you really need the door to make privacy.

What features are offer by wooden doors

- They give strengthens to the surroundings because they are usually made with strong wood.

- Combine wood with iron makes pieces of art.

- Provide any room style and acclimate small ones.

- They bring sophistication and strength for its worthy composition.

- They have a style adaptable to many other home furnishings.

Wooden doors in the history

The wooden doors were the first to close the homes. Wood is the material that nature always put at the service of humanity and therefore it is believed that the first structures were close to giving environments. Its history is maintained because they remain the most solid way to close a room.

How the wooden doors combine

Antique wooden doors can be used both in huge and small spaces. In rooms of small size can generate a sense of warmness. The wood creates that kind of environments.

The wooden doors used in large spaces or more apertures highly complementary because they provide a security dimension.

Tips to accustom

=> Choose first the color of your door that could be more intense or less intense and then select the furniture and other accessories in the room. It’s good if you have an element that match de door. Example: a carpet.

=> Wooden doors are decorated in themselves because they have the sings of wood that looks very nice.

=> Look for a good handle. If you have chosen wooden doors that have some details in iron, the handle must coordinate with it.

=> If the room is small should put an wooden door with additional decoration. It will help not to feel that is enclosure.

=> Combine with an old wooden windows and you will create an environment of great harmony.

Vintage style things

You’ve probably heard of the vintage style and how it works on the decor and ambiance of modern environments. Something that formerly had been declared outdated can be well used in the vintage perspective. This is a good perspective to complete with excellent elements the rooms where you set an wooden door.

How vintage fascinates

The combination that is generated in an environment under vintage art materials is really nice because it allows multiple variants and perspectives.

The Vintage style of wooden doors

The classic style of wooden doors can be in many times a real vintage style depending on the structure of the door. In Salvage Antiques you can find several models so maybe there is that vintage view you want.

More vintage styles!

Wooden doors everywhere:

The wooden doors internationally are a manifestation of good taste and distinction. The wooden doors are special to refer to the past that’s why they are usually chosen.

Where to find wooden doors for sale?

- Salvage Antiques in California or in New Jersey is the best place because they have lot of models to choose the one you like.

. Good restorations and perfect endings.

. You can find there the mark of the history.

. There are more things to finish your environments

What else you can have with wooden doors?

- Lot of details and meanings.

Stand facing an wooden door can be face a work of art. Are often overloaded with details and embellishments that allow up stories and pass the time in search of the context in which they were created. Convey stability and permanence.

If you want to look for pictures of wooden doors look for them in Salvage Antiques web site. There you will see:

-Classic-style and less rigid.

-Plenty of shapes and colors.

- Big or small ones.

Every wooden doors are in Salvage Antiques. Don’t forget that!

Old wooden doors

Choose Interior doors

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The best interior doors for your home

There are two types of doors, in a draft resolution for the home. The doors close and protect it from outside which are the entrance doors, and on the other doors only delimiting internal construction environments. Doors do not always fulfill the function of total closure, but rather are used to give privacy to each of the spaces. Another use of doors can be separate areas for decorative purposes and provide space for storage.

The interior door as an emblem of privacy

Everything that happens behind a door belongs to the private sphere. It is therefore necessary that these elements in a house that will be the foundation of orderly family life are chosen. Many of the doors are just symbols of passage from one place to another, but many others provide containment to generate environments commensurate with needs. A bedroom, a living room, study room, a space for conversation. All are boundaries which generate an door with good and concise distinction.

Types of doors:

Interior doors can be double or single entry. Are generally rectangular or they may have more decorative shapes according to the needs and the environmental context. doors may have glass or iron and also space to add details of ornamentation. Depending on the sector in which they are located may be more or less solid interior doors.

Shape and size of doors


Rectangular, longer or shorter, single or double entry.


The shape of the doors you choose also depends on the size of the rooms as larger environments take larger doors while smaller environments smaller doors will

Materials doors:

The predominant material of the old wooden doors is because it is the material of choice when thinking about the course of history.


Solid wood doors

Harmony and strength. Emotion and expression. This is what an interior antique wooden door can express.

The style:

With elegant shapes may be able to excite and attract admiration while providing prestige when they stop watching good proportions.

The style of solid wood doors can give truly distinctive details. Among the qualities that can be awarded are: minimalist, contemporary, classic, intimate, noble forms.

The wood also creates a natural environment. Wood lives. Wood is beautiful: touch and look.

Wood doors with more details:

Behind a solid wood door found passion of hundreds of people; selection of the best results and intelligent creativity to make products that combine aesthetics and functionality, technology and craftsmanship especially in the restoration process that takes place Salvage Antiques. Each door also narrates the care and competence with which it has done.

Only rigorous and love for things well made ​​ensuring excellent performance and finished in every detail.

The key to choosing an interior door:

The exterior finish and interior composition

The two key features that you should evaluate when choosing an interior door and exterior finish are its interior composition. You should also assess the decoration you want to achieve with them. Something you can depend on the color of your walls as well as the overall style of your home.

There are a variety of designs, colors and finishes. For example, you can find with horizontal and vertical lines, more or less marked. If you love natural wood color you can find tones that mimic pine, walnut, and oak, among others. You can also find doors in neutral colors like white and gray.

Outdoor termination

Besides the decorative style, you can also choose different finishes. It is important to pay attention to the exterior finish of the door because, depending on the choice you make, be able to create different environments.

Opening direction of doors

It is very important to think in the opening direction you want to have your doors. The factors on which depends the decision are the potential obstacles you can encounter when you open them, such as shelves, other doors opening direction which is at an angle with the new and any furniture that takes away space. The opening direction is set from the part that is pushed to open inwardly of stay.

Custom Doors

Why custom interior doors?

Custom doors are an excellent choice to generate innovative, attractive, refined and special environments. They have an excellent finish and outstanding durability.

The method of production is because their ancient manufacturing is the main and only way of clothing.

Find in Jersey City, New Jersey Salvage Antiques places like building with excellent interior door you want is really a enjoyable situation.

What does an old door inside?

Being able to make custom doors is also believe that all dreams are possible, which is all you can think, devise or imagine, just keep it in mind is feasible to perform.

Having old materials in the doors of a house is also introducing the story of those materials and thus had to feel part of an environment with more depth and hierarchy.

Combining interior doors with windows

How to combine the interior doors and windows?

The best way to combine is considering what you want to accomplish in the environment. If you want to achieve a bright environment, it is best to combine doors and windows with plenty of windows for the passage of light is great.

If you want a more serious atmosphere, traditional doors and windows solid wood will be the best choice.

Where to place the doors and windows inside is also part of what you have to decide. If there are doors and windows next to each other is best to find a great combination to make it a unique and distinguished style.

Style interior doors

The interior doors are the best choice for classic homes and for structured people. But they can also be chosen to change the style of a large room that had no divisions.

If you choose an interior door for your house you also have to take into account the space that door needs and how they should be combined with other items in the room that she’ll crar.

The most ancient doors inside are strong and sturdy so you have to put up walls to present themselves in the best way.

In connection with the care, learn all of the very best restaurateurs, but, surely, you have to dedicate time to their care.

Decoration for interior doors

If you choose more decorative interior doors to your rooms you should also think about the combination and environments you want to build as there is plenty of ideas that can make your special places environments .

First you have to find a good color for the walls for your doors and windows enhance the environments.
Secondly you can search old decorations that make it cute environments. Antique vases, paintings, small antique tables, a former winery and everything to complete the setting.
Thirdly you must choose lighting for that room where the inner door is the center. There are many antique lamps that you can find on Antiques and Salvage can close that and give a mysterious atmosphere and friendly environment.

To find that perfect interior door for your home you have to search in Jersey City, New Jersey, develops Antiques Salvage because there the best designs and the best restore antiques for home decoration is a real party.

Just choose which is the design that you like for your home and surely you will find the interior door just for you.

Perfect Antique Furniture

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How to decorate a home with Antique Furniture.

When choosing antique furniture to decorate the house is important not tied to fashion. Although it is a hot trend, is the premise that the choice is exclusively decorated in this style.
It is important to choose furniture that just do not follow a single direction. Because fashions come and go but, chairs, shelves, and lamps are always and will continue to give life to your environments.
Ideally, choose those with a fair balance. That is, to respect the essence of the furniture but that provides details, colors, fabrics or polishes that can adapt to any style and era.
If you have the opportunity to address the assembly of the house from scratch may be fully decorated with furniture from other times and even choose antique doors and windows to complete the setting. But otherwise, a fact to consider is that new-old members must be in perfect harmony with those already. It will be essential to rescue some detail of color or shape to replicate the restored furniture.

Some technical tips for using old furniture

Beyond decorative considerations, do not leave out the technical advice. The structural condition of the furniture is an important detail. Ornaments with old dilapidated structures are insurmountable. Therefore, choose antique furniture in Anaheim at the local Salvage Antiques is one of the best options because they have quality options at each work performed.
Beyond decorative considerations, do not leave out the technical advice. The structural condition of the furniture is an important detail. Ornaments with old dilapidated structures are insurmountable. Therefore, choose antique furniture in Anaheim at the local Salvage Antiques is one of the best options because they have quality options at each work performed.
A thorough search, leading to rescue furniture and subsequent reformulation is what characterizes the choice of a wave decoration challenge. However it is not recommended that the furniture without seeking licenses to account for the processes of restoration to those who have undergone because they have bad consequences can be dire crafted furniture.
The ideal room should lead a process of restoration, either in their structures, chandeliers and upholstery. The idea: to exclusive and contemporary furniture maintaining its original essence.
The house is a unique and special place, so when you choose a style is paramount to represent us in all its expressions.

The sense of an antique

Anything that endures over time is considered a valuable piece of antiquity. A perfect place to showcase antique furniture can be the living room and showing her elegance and creates a distinguished atmosphere. The antique furniture does not have to dominate the entire room can be combined with modern furniture and create a lovely space.

Furniture Restoration in Salvage Antiques

For many the words Furniture Restoration and repair mean the same, but there is a big difference between the two. Repair is a furniture fix it regain its functionality regardless its original appearance.
Furniture Restoration, however, looking back to its authentic state, respecting the style and giving, as far as possible, the value and functionality with which it was created. Restoration of furniture is a craft, precision which follows the traditions of ancient craftsmen and designers, because their aim is to recover the appearance and condition that has been designed.

factors taken into account in the restorations are:



Fine Marquetry


Solid wood or veneered

Tips for decorating your rooms with antique furniture

Buy an old piece of furniture to decorate your home is also a good choice for use in your house the vintage style. Therefore you will find some tips in Salvage Antiques California for you, you will be excited to redecorate your home.

1. Warmth and Sophistication: you can achieve in modern architectural spaces by recycling old furniture.
2. Distinction: A spider hangs from the ceiling, an antique mirror with a French style emblem, antique furniture; today you can give it a chic touch to any space chair.
. Mixture textures: you can try different colors and patterns, as well as maintaining a classic line with neutral colors.
4. Objects acquired various utilities: I will iron chairs, wooden benches, old phones, biscuit tins, coffee grinders, mates from another era, cupboards, among many others.

With these tips you can create a new style in any room in your home but if you prefer to remodel your living room is to have to think about all the elements you’ll need.
Well restored antique furniture Antiques Salvage the vintage items you can combine with other environments such as old doors, old windows and all door hardware to complete the setting.
Create rooms with antique furniture is a task that can become a hobby because the infinite combinations and styles that can be generated is incalculable.
Within Salvage Antiques, in Anaheim, California, you can find more than what is sought to carry out this type of ambience. Also you can see all online collections so you can go be your imagining how dreamy atmosphere from the start search.

Experience, quality and finish of antique furniture Antiques worked for Salvage give an environment of true distinction to any home environment.