Unique door hardware

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Excellent complements for custom doors

Find in Salvage Antiques the unique and fabulous European reproduction hardware. They have a vintage door hardware derived from salvaged materials. They can have, for example an antique hinges that may have hung on the door of a Queen’s quarters. Another antique door latch could be the guard of jewels in the past. The antique lock hardware may have helped to protect artists and poets from thieves and looters. Cremone bolts, locks and latches once held windows and doors secure on the homes of our ancestors. Your antique, architectural, vintage and restored doors can be complemented by Amighini Architectural antique door hardware. There you can find antique hinges, antique door latches, antique lock hardware, and antique hardware pulls. The excellent pieces they have are a selection of exceptional door hardware that helps the antique doors to look as luxurious and sophisticated as possible.

Origen of architectural door hardware

The architectural door hardware is a part of the history. Castles, coliseums, museums and estates provides them. In that time, doors were not only pieces of wood that were used to open and close; they were pieces of art.
Door hardware was born in the ancient spaces but came to the present to renew environments. Is a classical style that has sophisticated form to create wonderful doors.
El door hardware es algo que siempre se busca para agregar detalles a una puerta y son definitivas muestras de buen gusto. En general combinan con la arquitectura de la puerta o incluso con adornos que se encuentren alrededor en el salón donde la puerta está ubicada.

Why look for antique door hardware?

Wanted old door hardware that are true art shows. They have many details and examples of humanity at any given time.
They are also historical pieces of great value because they are strong and have witnessed many stories. They saw people come and go through the doors of which were part and that has an important meaning.

Door hardware manufacturers

With old materials and good design idea, door hardware pieces are created with the same level and style that historical time.
Those who know of these procedures are always complement any door you need to make them really well finished and coordinated design.
Within Salvage Antiques you will find many types of collections according to their place or region of origin. They are all original pieces from the best materials and the most beautiful endings.
Walk around any collection of Antiques and Salvage site please go directly to the trade is in Jersey City because that will make contact with all door hardware. In that dream space will also have contact with the best antiques that will guide you on the style you’re looking for.


Verona Bonze Collection

In Salvage Antiques they design, produce and get luxury door hardware in bronze that is usually a good complement for the antique custom doors.
Style and luxury in bronze with pieces that mix design and quality. Latches in either stylish black and silver are found in this beautiful collection.
Within the website you will find all the specifications to identify if you really complement your door needs.

Napoles Brass Collection

Are designed and produced in brass door hardware specially chosen by those who have applied as an old door.
A talented team gives form to the creations for architects, interior designers, and workers detail.
This collection features sophisticated and striking designs to the door is the most elegant in the world. You will not believe what they can show you the elements that make up this impressive and strong collection. Undoubtedly is the quality and distinction that these elements will provide your doors.

Antique Collection

A mixture of materials, components and designs in this collection sure to find the design in one of your old doors are expecting.
If you took advantage of offering custom designs Salvage Antiques surely discover how you can combine all the factors and build your real environment and immersed in the old palace.
The story is recorded in these parts is increasingly showing amazing styles.

Artisan Collection

It is a collection of majestic door handles, superbly crafted with the most precious and delicate finishes. Each piece is unique and it can be seen an artistic style and themed favors.
These are luxury products that have an amazing style. The result will be a door unrivaled, friendly and full of life through this door hardware.

San Telmo Collection

A beautiful collection of traditional door hardware. They are retail items. Reflect careful, elegant and luxurious time.
Choose a supplement to your door within this collection is an excellent and unique choice. Have in this collection full of surprises and elements that can really surprise catalog.

Door hardware parts

Inside the door hardware we can find many unique items that will match the door need to adorn themselves, supplemented or designed. Find in this list parts of Salvage Antiques, which are most useful to you in Anaheim, California.

Cremone Locks &Latches

Central locking that transmits motion from the handle to all the elements of perimeter fence of the window. Available in versions for opening windows and the version to open flag leaf / tilt. Available in different sizes. The Cremona can be combined with a lifting device and sustain security that allows the blade in the closed position and inhibits incorrect handle motion.

Lever &Knobs

Often may go unnoticed, but the overall effect they have is almost always impressive. Levers and handles make a glass door in a charming accessory that will enhance any entry. Within California Salvage Antiques you’ll find a wide variety of levers and handles to meet your technical and aesthetic requirements regardless of the design, the size, type or location of the door.

Exterior &Dummy Handles

Products such as this serve to a striking end to a door of any kind.
Some are highly decorated and others that serve as post box

Knockers-Bell &Mail Slots

Useful additions that bring ancient times to the present the best designs. They are dream designs that were used in ancient times but in modern buildings are embellishing.

Hingers & Mortise Locks

They are locks that can provide security to a door while blending the best designs. You have to look for this type of door hardware in Antiques Salvage also here because you have many more options for combining and prepared to leave for a party every door in your house.
Once you’ve chosen your doors in the catalog of Salvage Antiques, you have to find the best supplement for them and you can do it through the search door hardware online.
Those seeking using door hardware, door hardware and door hardware Vancouver Canada can tour Salvage Antiques online and find what they are looking for.

Why look for the good quality of door hardware?

You need to find quality products because the door is the hardware that has to withstand constant opening and closing of doors. The old door hardware and have signs of time and strength for what is believed to rely on these models is an excellent choice.

Search Antiques Salvage door hardware because:
Are unique: you will never find two identical elements. Those who are alike surely have different story.
Are well restored: Salvage Antiques team has the best specializes in antique work so that all items they sell are guaranteed quality and a trust mark.
They have variety: there are many collections, styles, designs and materials to choos.
They have prestige: all elements are truly historic. They have a tour and a story behind that you can see if it is your desire. These are the elements that lived in castles, monasteries, temples or houses of the most striking.
Provide advice: are those who know better to work with old materials are the best guide you will know which elements need to acclimate to complete a room or a certain style. It’s a peace of mind in Antiques Salvage specialized agents who know how to guide respecting the ideas and beliefs that everyone has.

¿Why look for antiques?

The search for objects, furniture, doors or windows brings with old looking for a past in which we intervene in some way and we want to join. Antiques have a spirit and form that are proper.

Spirit of antiquities:

They have the spirit of who could pass the upright years and further strengthened by its permanence and aestheticism. They have the spirit of their performance and their development as good and attractive that did remain even after so long.

Form of antiquities:

The design of an object or an old door has itself a perspective view of the time, of knowledge and meanings that were at stake at the time of planning, projection and the subsequent construction of the product. Something it has remained unchanged, at least in part, for so long, is without doubt the result of a plan and project. It is very likely to be destined to remain so for many years.

Be sure to search in Salvage Antiques the spirit you want to bring to your home.

Antique double entry doors: a combination between sophistication and flair


A way to recover classical and traditional values

Antique double entry doors are a way to rescue the elegance and strength of the past in the context of the times, combining the best of traditionalism and modernity. It´s about getting a classic style —that never becomes outdated— back. Adding a signature piece of functional art to your home means the best option to add elegance and beauty at the service of your home. That´s because antique doors only get better over time.

Flair and elegance: historical architecture at the service of your home

Antique double entry doors is an excellent way to make a stylish statement on your home. Adding your home a more historical and personal style involves affirming the sense of elegance and beauty. That´s why we recover architectural historic materials and offer a variety of models which fit your home and your personal taste. Our idea is that you feel comfortable in both ways: comfort and visual appearance. Therefore we are always maintain as our guide a classical and historical flair which cover your façade with a prestigious style.

Character and personality: the image of the home of the person speaking

Your home´s front defines your personality. If you are looking for a stunning and distinctive look to the façade and interior space of your house, then our antique double entry doors are your best option. Thought your entry door you communicate to your visits not just beauty and vintage signs but a series of images and features that define your personality. Precisely for this, Amighini Architectural´s antique double entry doors bring your home that special character that you are looking for.

A unique opportunity to encourage contrasts

A good way to give your home an original look and character is by encouraging yourself to mix different styles. Is always good to open up to a combination of new standards and varieties. And the past is a great spot to find those alternatives. This will give the house the personal atmosphere that you are looking for. To escape from stereotypes, combine old and conventional style to attract passer-bys and visitors attention. Maybe you never thought about this before, but choosing doors that stand out make a big impact.

A door to every home: from classical style to your particular taste

First impressions are important. That’s why an antique entry door from Amighini Architectural makes so much sense. We take care of looking for style and design of antique doors that best suits your home and personal taste. Our collection of antique wood doors is constantly changing to bring the best and newest selections available. There are different models to suit individual tastes. You just have to choose some particular features and we’ll search the globe for the antique entry door that fits your needs. Our doors will add historical and personal interest to your home improvement project

Building your home: your world and life view

Each choice on your home conveys something about the person who inhabits it. It´s for that reason that we have different varieties that can add a gothic look or Victorian style to your home. You just have to see a particular style that fits the look of your home at our website and contact us. Antique double entry doors are designed to transmit a strong presence and unique style, which demonstrate and confirm your glimpse of the world and life.

Best materials to create a stunning and original style

For those who are seeking for authentic, architectural doors, we offer exclusive designs, high-quality materials, and supreme craftsmanship. Antique double entry doors are made with classic, noble and strong materials that are characterized by their strength and identity. These original materials generate elegance and distinction. Amighini Architectual offers the best timeless materials that cater to both the historical value and your personal taste.

We take the materials and fit your necessities with them

To get the door you most like, we work the materials exclusively focused on you. Materials are not rescued in raw, but are obsessively crafted by our craftsmen in Argentina, who rescue them to produce the best combination between the temporal aspect and the taste of each person. This way, innovative and amazing styles are created. A fine set of vintage solid doors make just for you.

Door’s accessories create a unique style

An antique double entry door is a wonderful addition to any home, but to make it a complete offer, we add the best accessories we have to give your home a unique style, full of beauty. With that in mind, we offer Cremona locks and latches, levers, handles, various types of handles, hinges and mortise locks. Thin that a beautiful exterior full of accessories door will be the first thing your guests or clients see.

The spirit from our doors: to maintain the essence over time

Antique entry double doors represent the spirit of those values that survive over time and recover the best of the classical traditions. They bring not just the prestige of what is maintained over time and don´t change, but also maintain its essence over time. Antique entry double doors not only represent beauty and elegance but also flair, strength and personality.

The novelty of our approach: incorporating the old to the new

If you are one of those persons who want to combine the new elements of your home with distinctive historical aspects, Amighini Architectural is the right place. The historical heritage is the soul that sets the strength of a home. For the original elements look like the first time, nothing better than counts with our modern materials, which incorporate the character of old elements to shine today.

The secret to make a difference: know how to preserve the antique stuff

A well preserved antique style home makes the difference compared to other home households. It has its own brightness and represents a qualitative leap. For this, you have to combine the old with the actual stuff. Therefore, our parts are restored and modernized, allowing them to maintain the classic style with the brightness of the our time. Amighini Archictectural has the style of door to fit the character of your home.

Rescuing the historical culture in terms of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure

Antique gates are not only a way to highlight the classic in the modern style. It is also a symbol of wisdom to fuse traditional culture with new building forms. The idea is to give visitors not only comfort and satisfaction, but also the beauty and visual pleasure that comes along with restored historical architecture.

Amighini Architectural, a family business with a history and projection
We are a family company with Italian origins who, over nearly 50 years of experience, starts projecting internationally. We have a clear passion: keep the past symbols of the forgiveness by the younger generation. So we chose to save the best of our architecture, recovering antique materials and keeping our times the sense of same sense of classic and elegance that double entry doors used to have in the past.

We wait for you to come to meet and buy our products

If you want to know our antique double entry doors, we hope you come for designing a bespoke piece. Based in your personal tastes, we will provide the hallmarks that will make your home an extraordinary space. Amighini Architectural can provide you with the distinctive antique doors that will make an ordinary space an extraordinary place. Whether you are searching for an uncommon or unusual architectural antique double entry door or a custom-made piece, you can visit us at 1505 N. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92806

Antique single entry door: a sense of elegance and awe

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Be part of the history

From Africa to China, antique doors were being used as a design element in a number of creative and unique ways. Amighini Architectural invites you to be part of the history discovering one of the best collection of antique single entry doors the world has to offer. With a solid commitment for preservation, reuse and reclamation of antique doors, we promise that your house will be unique and set apart from any other in your neighborhood.

Each door is a piece of history. We have different kinds of doors, from an antique single front door with wrought iron inserts to huge restored single front doors with heavy duty hinges and hand carved details. Each piece has its own story. Because style transcends time, buying an antique entry door remains one of the best ways to fully inhabit the present.

One person, one antique door

Each door that Amighini Architectural builds is custom crafted especially for you, in a style unique to you and your home. Add distinction and character throughout your home with our custom designed doors. We incorporate material from our vast inventory to make this antique single entry doors not just the entrance of your house, but an entrance to a new and original architectural vision of the world.

If you don´t find a door that best suits you on the Web, then the key is to design your own perfect antique single entry door. We can make your furniture wish a reality. Its timeless style and extraordinary comfort will ensure you enjoy it for years to come.

Your front doors is a worldview

Decorating your home with genuine vintage items is a great idea since all of those items have a story to tell, not just about a historical period of time but about you. Through decorating your home, you show your personality and vision of the world. That´s because the items that surrounds you and the observation of the world is where you have inspiration for keep on going day by day. Our talented staff can enhance the ideas you give them and build off of that, so that you will get a front entry door in your own style, which reflect your personal lifestyle. Let antique single entry doors inspire you and bring your own personal style to your home!

How to style your house

The beginning is the main agent. And your front door is the first step. Some people will develop a style preference based on their childhood home. Others will be inspired through magazine articles or television programs. For us, the past is the inspiration. To style your house, choose Amighini Architectural´s antique single entry doors. The rustic look of an antique single entry door can be the finishing touch that makes your home distinctive and memorable.

Whether you are looking for remodeling your house, transform your modern doors to a magnificent reproduction of the past or just change your entry door, you’ll find everything you need right here. You will make everybody ask you: “Where did you purchase the doors from? It´s gorgeous!”

First impressions are lasting impressions

When one person first encounters another person forms a mental image of that person. Depending on the observer and the person being observed, it can sometimes form an accurate representation of the person and his surroundings. As well as this process, the same happens with your front door. You don´t have to forget that your entry door is the first impression of your home. That´s why Amighini Architectural adds style, distinction and value to your home, building custom furniture to your exacting needs and specifications.

A nostalgic happy feeling

To recall our past is part of our present. In Amighini Architectural, our antique single entry doors are especially designed for you to evoke a nostalgic feel or country theme in your home. If you are one of those persons who have general interest in the past, especially for the “good old days”, then our antique single entry doors are you best choice! As Woody Allen´s movies, engaged in architectural nostalgia, our company offers you just the right style of door for your home, and our attention to detail, which ensures a perfect fit and function.

A Passion for Doors

The love affair between people and old stuff goes back for hundreds of years and Amighini Architectural is not out of this process. Sometimes many people destroy or abandon their old buildings without consideration of the historical significance, but in Amighini Arquitectural we value these materials and prevent these products of timeless beauty of deforestation. We love to collect discarded doors, old iron work, pieces of carved wood, and other building materials bound for the waste pits. Collecting old double and single entry doors is our passion!

Plus, we use the best materials: incorporating many different elements – antique grillwork, glass, hand-tooled leather, recycled tin-, Amighini Architectural offers you a myriad of antique single entry door style for your home. Adding beauty, originality and function to your house, we offer exclusive designs, high-quality materials, and supreme craftsmanship. Don´t forget that materials like classic, noble and strong materials can generate elegance and distinction for your home.

A style renewal for your facade

This antique single entry door is perfect for those who are looking for original architectural details for their building and decorating endeavors. Do you have a new home or a building that calls for an entrance that makes a statement? Our doors provide not just durability, stability and security, but beauty and elegance to your home. A gorgeous, antique, exterior single door can make your home unique and special. So, if you’re interested in incorporating an antique single entry door in your renovation or building project, check out our inventory here.

Sometimes and old world style makes the perfect revival to your house!

A traditional family owned company

Amighini Architectural is a family owned and operated company located in the United States. Always choosing to spotlight traditional architecture, we acquire antique and architectural artifacts from many late nineteenth century, saving them from the landfills, and making them available to collectors and designers everywhere. Our highly trained and equally passionate team is also the foundation of the success of the business. Amighini Architectural´s craftsmen and staff help us to make handcrafted custom doors, gates, cabinetry, furniture and architectural elements for distinctive custom homes. That´s the reason why our company is regarded among architects and custom home builders as the go-to company, with a large inventory of unique items.

Whether you are searching for an uncommon or unusual architectural antique single entry door or a custom-made piece, you can visit us at 1505 N. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92806. So come by and see the true beauty of our pieces in person!

Worldwide client services

Amighini Architectural works with clients internationally. We are a leading provider of global-scale services in the field of vintage doors. We have wonderful architectural artifacts vintage materials for sale online. So check our listings and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know or check our site back often, because we are constantly adding new ones. Stay tuned to see the option that is right for you. Once selected, Amighini Architectural can help facilitate your shipping needs. We are designed to handle the intricacies of international transportation.

Our mission is clear: use a global network of integrated capabilities to deliver what we promise: beautiful antique doors.

Antique bed frame: distinction your bedroom

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How to create nice antique bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. In some cases, the style of the room can be different from the main house style. You can create your room with a period style, and add a bit of elegance and style. In case you are not planning to use the help of a designer, it is important to research before you start decorating. Typically, the large rooms are well suited to this antique style.
Therefore, if your room is big enough, look for a vintage decor. Soft colors are synonymous with antique look. A white wicker chair, is also part of this special view, but it is important to find a suitable for those who will use the chair. Of course, it can also be an antique chair decorated in black, in order to create a contrast with the colors of the walls.
And the clear chair complements because the true center should be the bed. The place where you can get this detail is an old bed frame.

How to acclimate a bedroom

The mattress, lighting, wall color … Everything influences when creating an enveloping and relaxing environment to help us sleep. Some keys are:

1- The distribution of furniture

The bed is the centerpiece on which the whole decoration. However, before starting to purchase, calculate the space will be to place some tables on either side of the bed. If the bedroom is large, you can add a bench at the foot to use as a boudoir. You can find antique beds in Salvage Antiques.

2- The color of the walls

Color is key in decorating and in a bedroom, your choice should serve the rest. When painting walls, choose light, soft, warm tones, as the skin itself. This is the case of beige, chickpea, cream, pale yellow or salmon. Envelopes are also warm gray, green and turquoise water. You should avoid garish tones or vibrant.

3- Comfortable floors

Although the protagonist of furniture is the bed, stepping warmth is the best thing to happen to us after a good rest. Choose warm floors such as solid or laminated wood, and dress with wool carpets with long hair tucked in your feet when walking barefoot. You can take advantage of vintage Wood floor that Salvage Antiques sells.

4- The bed, a key

It is the most important investment bedroom. Select a good bed and a good mattress.

5- Choose the antique bed frame

They take ever higher and straighter, although experts recommend not abuse height. You want to be original and give the bedroom an older air? Choose antique bed frames nicely decorated and strong as are sold in Salvage Antiques.


To plan for artificial lighting bedroom three basic types should be considered. A point of light on the ceiling is perfect for illuminating the room quickly. On the other side, and to create a more intimate atmosphere, you can use the tables in indirect light, such as lamps or screen with warm fluorescent backlight. If you want to read without disturbing the sleeping, there are individual lamps dim LED based light with flexible arm. Then there is extra lighting, such as installing lights inside the cabinets, halogen to emphasize a box, signaling the way to the bathroom floor. You can also find on Salvage Antiques lamps combined with the ancient atmosphere you want to create.

Antique bed frame en Salvage Antiques

Within Salvage Antiques in Anaheim you can find the old bed frame you’re looking for. Salvage Antiques antiques have excellent restoration processes. You must be using the warranty is a real old product of the best and most durable. From an old frame of bed you can create a comfortable and cozy, majestic and beautiful environment.
In Salvage Antiques have many accessories to bed with you is your support center and all other elements are part of the final decoration of a classic and elegant way.

Antique Bed Frame dimensions

The dimensions of the furniture you choose for your bedroom logically have to do with the space you have, that is to say, with the size of your bedroom have. So first you have to choose the bed, thinking that should occupy space at the tables beside the bed and finally choose a bed frame may be to Salvage Antiques located in California.

Materials of the antique bed frames

The materials of the old frames are logically composed of old materials that are resistant and very noble. It may have wood frames, iron frames and some that combine both components.
All materials of the old frame beds found in Antiques Salvage Anaheim, California, have been excellently preserved as well as restored by optimal antique restorers .

Bed types

A common question is knowing which types and sizes of mattresses available in the market and then think about what we should choose the beds are. The smallest size is the average square 99.1 x 190.5 cm. Subsequently, increasing the size of a square is 137.2 x 190.5 cm, the square and a half, followed by two spaces, then the “Queen” of 152.4 x 203.2 cm, the “King” of 193 x 203.2 cm.
Depending on the size of the room to take, whether to share a bed with a partner the minimum size for comfort corresponds to two squares, or in some places the types of mattresses “Queen”. Not only size matters, but also should take into consideration the materials and hardness of the mattress; those who sleep on their back or prefer a more rigid front to protect the spine, while those who prefer sleeping on your side opt for a softer. For those who sleep on their back, a useful tip or test to determine if a mattress is right is to slide your hand under the back itself while one is lying, and if the hand moves too easily then the mattress is not appropriate because it does not provide enough support.
The mattress is usually constructed of visco elastic foam latex or polyurethane, together with synthetic and / or natural fibers and known “springs”, which give you the necessary buffer. The platform on which it is mounted is supported by what is known as bed, wooden or modern versions of metal. As for the materials of the outer layer of the mattress, a blend of cotton and polyester is recommended; cheaper options usually used vinyl.
It is estimated that mattresses should be replaced every 7-15 years, depending on the types of mattresses used in each case, or sooner if you start to feel the springs or distortions are perceived. As a way to extend their life, it is recommended to turn them over twice a year.
If you already have your mattress then based on that you have you should put the bed. When you already have bed mattress is time to think in the back and in such detail that you can bestow to your room the entire environment needed to create space under the old style better.

Perfect combination for your bedroom

The perfect combination for your bedroom can be structured in stages:

1- Choose an antique bed as those offered within Salvage Antiques. The materials, styles and designs that are presented there will be those who will determine the subsequent decoration.

2- Find a wood floor. Wood floors create a unique style and very pleasant for the rooms. You can search the hardwood floors restored by Salvage Antiques will give a perfect finish.

3- Finding the lighting accordingly. In a traditional, antique and classic atmosphere will not be good to install a modern lamp that would break all the climate had been achieved so it induces finding an antique lamp can complement the ideal environment.

4- Other ancient decorations can also be used for large rooms such as desks, chairs or libraries. A good old wooden coat rack will also be an excellent decorative element.

5- The bed frame is the guest of honor in a room in old style. The old bed frame has a character that can resemble a room to an actual room so it is a step of preparing an inescapable room old style.

Do not wait to have your old room as always dreamed.
Resorting to Salvage Antiques catalog is the best option you have to use beautiful products and excellent quality.

Antique bed frame | Antique bed frame


Design your dreams-like home´s custom entry door



In Western literature, when a person or character feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first sight of them, we talk about “love at first sight”. Have you ever had this feeling about a piece of furniture? You will have it when you see our products. An entry gate can give a signature first impression and security to any property. Moreover, think that your front door is one of the first design elements that guests see when first arriving at your home. So in this case, custom entry doors can greatly enhance the curb appeal, security and value of your home.

The end of your experience culminates in our Amighini Arquitectural centers, where you can view product samples and discuss your project needs with a professional. And if you are not located in the US, each Amighini Arquitectural design custom entry door can be shipped all around the world, just let us know where you are and we will take care of all the shipping details.

Our custom entry doors are a piece of practical art that will last you for generations to come. Trust us, this quality wood will last you and your family a lifetime and make your and your visitors first impressions amazing!


Amighini Arquitectural follows a working process from the Victorian era, when furniture was hand-made from wood, something that was unusual for that time. In the past, doors were considered just simple and practical, but nowadays they became crafted and decorated, reaching a status symbol. Combining both styles, old and modern, our doors mix glass, metals, wood and other materials to create artistic but also functional custom entry doors. Because of their age, rarity, condition, utility and other unique features, our custom entry doors are a piece of furniture desirable as a collector´s item.

Amighini Arquitectural offers you a place to see thousands of genuine antiques from all over the world. Browse and purchase with confidence as our friendly staff will be more than happy to help with any questions on listen items or new custom doors. Regarding this, we handle it all: from the idea conception, to custom designed details, to set-up of all aesthetic details. If you have your heart set on something in particular but it’s not currently part of our collection, feel free to contact us for a custom search. Let´s hop on a phone call to discuss or just check out our rentals in person at our warehouse! We love having new customers who are interested in any new design-obsessed door!


The joys of aging are present in our custom entry doors. Generally, furniture can be plotted on an historical timeline and affixed with labels like “antique”, “vintage” or “retro”. But out products are not just that. Through Amighini Arquitectural´s custom entry doors you will receive that unique, special and memorable door that you are looking for.

We are specialists in crafting doors, reaching not just beauty but the history through our product, which is a key determinant of its value, condition, quality, and relative rarity.

History is looking for you, come and get it through our custom entry doors!


We’ve been helping architects, interior designers and contractors do for over 45 years. Our vast experience helps us to make “client-specific” custom entry doors designs – handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship.

To enhance the level of customer satisfaction, we look for the best doors treatment, not just through our culture of organization but also through our components, sense of innovation and low price.

Amighini Arquitectural challengues the traditional furnishing aesthetic in a new and exciting way that pays homeage to the craftsmanship of special antiques, in an innovative way, making the majority of doors one-off-a-kind. Moreover, each piece is unique, individually addressed and handmade, so you won´t see exact replicas around there.

Amighini Arquitectural promises to adjust to the personality of the guest, because we feel happy every time our custom entry doors met the customer expectation.


Do you have a new home or a building project that calls for a new or remodeling entrance?  Whether you’re planning to tackle a do-it-yourself remodeling project, or you will be hiring a pro, find all you want about antique entry doors at Amighini Arquitectural. We specialize in crafting memorable, stylish and long-lived custom entry doors that our customers require.

Many times remodeling projects can range from installing new trimwork to replacing windows and doors. Sometimes replacing a door means simply exchanging one door, called a slab or blank, for another. But in some cases you want a new custom entry door to fit your necessities. To choose the proper size and style, better call us. If you want to improve the way your home looks and functions, increasing its value and making it more enjoyable for you and your family, we recommend you to buy one of our custom entry doors, made just for you.


Our company has been managed by generations for the Amighini family, exploring a mixture between modern design and traditional architectural elements made of industrial, rustic, and hand-crafted pieces.

The unique dynamics and relationships are a consequence of the fact that we are a family businesses, where the multigenerational dimension and family influence is really important for the main decisions. As our decision-making is influenced by multiple generations in this Italian family, Amighini Architectural has served the building market for nearly half a century with the best handmade quality you have ever seen.

Because custom made entry doors are our goal, we offer you the best quality in the market and full factory warranties. Feel free to contact us with any questions about design, how to order, installation, shipping or more info 246 Beacon Avenue. Jersey City, NJ 07306.


Doors are touchy-feely, physical things, right? The noise and texture of the wood, the materials of its interiors, the looks. Our magnificent delightful showroom is the ideal backdrop for viewing exclusive Amighini Arquitectural collections. A visit to our showroom is an experience that will delight your senses. Our company experience centers and showrooms are impeccably designed to showcase the very best in door systems. Feel the rich textures, the delicate glass and wooden details and the superb quality of every work of art. Plus, our knowledgeable staff can satisfy every door control need. We have a highly knowledge team of professionals, with years of experience in their respective fields who will patiently guide you witj assiduous attention to every detail.

We feature 246 Beacon Avenue. Jersey City, NJ 07306 ambiance with a friendly and warm flavor.

The ideal front door must be tough

Your entry door means not just a door to be pleasing to match your home’s exterior. An entry door is also important as a protecting front and must be durable and easy to maintain at the same time. Your front door means to protect you while you’re indoors, so it also needs to be functional, durable and weather resistant. You must think that this piece of furniture have to withstand wind, sun, rain and possible thieves. Amighini Architectural is an excellent choice when security is a concern.

Whether you want to trade a solid door for one with glass panels that offer more light, or you just want an affordable fiberglass door, you’ll find plenty of options available in our stores, located in 246 Beacon Avenue. Jersey City, NJ 07306

An exquisite environment: Wine cellar and pantry

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An exquisite atmosphere with antique furniture

Wine cellar and pantry

A room in the house can be special and sophisticated thanks to the presence of an old wine cellar rebuilt with the best options. The old wine cellars are excellent symbols that give an air of festivity and joy among friends constantly.

The atmosphere

Choose the place where you will locate the cellar is an important decision. The place you choose will surely space for family and friends gatherings. The large main spaces can be good, there cellars bring unity. Small rooms need smaller cellars because in that way they are still allows in the meeting between friends.

The use

The cellars and pantries served in ancient modernity to order wines and can also be used to locate fine dinnerware and crystal glasses. The use of wineries is huge. Everyone select the style that wants to add.

The design

The old wine cellar and pantry are designed with strength and unique style. The woods with the old cellars demonstrate strength, security and at the same time represent a way of seeing the world. The idea is that furniture should stand the test of time and remain unchanged.

The materials

The old wine cellar and pantry are made with the most noble and strong materials. They have a lot of strength and identity. The original materials are presented with more elegance and distinction and will vary according to the shape, the number of wines it can contain and the combinations presented.


The wineries that are completely made ​​of wood are the biggest and the toughest. They are very strong and Salvage Antiques in Anaheim restored them until leaving as fresh as new.


There are no wine cellars so far that are completely iron. This material is present in combination with wood. Amazing and very surprising styles are created. Combining wood with iron is stylish and also very strong after the restoration process.

Spirit of a wine cellar

A cellar or pantry is a symbol of a moment between friends. Represents shared joy and laughter. In every house that has a cellar will be a festive spirit or desire for a family reunion. The wineries also bring prestige and warmth.

Variety of wine cellars

The wineries are classified according to the number of bottles that can accommodate. They may be classified by the way in which the bottles are placed. There are curves and rectangular wine cellars. With or without doors. Small or large. A cellar can be the center of a whole room.

Where to locate

You have to choose where to locate the cellar with particular attention to the conditions of heat or cold environment. The wine cellars need a cool place for the wines remain in good condition for long

For what is a cellar

A cellar has wines from a family or home and expresses a history of drinking. Who like a good wine cannot do without this type of furniture that helps the preservation of the bottles and their contents.


Wine can be classified according to the components and having the time being. A cellar helps to sort and classify the beverages are stored there. The older the wine is better and why it is imperative to order it in a cabinet that has blank spaces for your location.


The wine cellars always inspire and foster a fun environment to share. With the unexpected arrival of a friend invited him to attend to the environment where the winery to choose which wine is your preference. No one can escape the smell of a good wine, so it is also a meeting place.

The antique cellars

Wine cellars may be many but the old cellars have a unique style that can be found in California and surprising strength. Also good restorations realize a history of pleasures through wine took place. A history of meetings, share and enjoy.

In Salvage Antiques, in Anaheim, California, you can discover the past expressed in a cellar and find the best antique ornaments that can complement the setting.

Traditional doors

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Doors are the first to be chosen for a simple house. But doors are not synonymous with simple. A door can be very interesting and very attractive.

Traditional doors in your house

Are you choosing doors for your home? You can find in Antiques Salvage doors throughout your home. Each room has the possibility to find the best door to match the room. A door opens your imagination to go very far in the design and style. Doors have elegant and with much distinction.

Traditional doors: the styles

There are many styles available within doors. You can find rectangular doors, arched doors, with glasses or without glasses. The important thing is to find the doors that have the style of your personality. It is good to choose a highly decorated door if all your settings are simple, it is not good to find a flat, very simple, if your rooms are filled with decorations.
Salvage Antiques doors are special to match rooms decorated with antiques. They have many varieties and designs in doors that can captivate you.
You can find doors wherever you want:

  • Doors Uk
  • Doors Toronto
  • Doors Melbourne
  • Doors Perth
  • Doors in Kerala
  • Doors Ireland
  • Doors Australia
  • Doors Glasgow
Traditional doors: the materials

When you choose a door first thing you have to think about is the material you want it to have. The best Anahein doors are made of antique wood.
In Salvage Antiques you can find old wooden doors in traditional style. The old wooden doors are also beautiful, impossible to obtain. So you have to find a place where old doors are restored with the best and quality restoration.
Doors in California have the seal of the highest quality.

Doors and windows

It’s very nice to combine environments and maintain a harmonious style environment. When you choose traditional antique doors, it is best to also look traditional windows to keep everything on.

Combining traditional doors and windows

How to combine doors and windows? The best way to combine is considering what you want to achieve in the environment. If you want to achieve a bright environment, it is best to combine doors and windows with plenty of windows for the passage of light is great.
If you want a more serious atmosphere, doors and windows solid wood will be the best choice.
Where to place the doors and traditional windows is also part of what you have to decide. If there are doors and windows next to each other is best to find a great combination to make it a unique and distinguished style.

The traditional style doors

Doors are the best choice for classic homes and for structured people. But they can also be chosen to change the style of a room or the front of a house.
If you choose a door for your house you also have to take into account the care needs that door. You have to take care of cleaning and installation. The old doors are strong and sturdy so you have to put up walls to present themselves in the best way.
In connection with the care, learn all of the very best restaurateurs, but, surely, you have to dedicate time to their care.

Complements for traditional doors

If you choose doors for your house and every room in your house you can also think of the combination and the environments you want to build as there is plenty of ideas that can make your special places environments.
First you have to find a good color for the walls so that your doors and windows enhance in traditional environments.
Secondly you can search old decorations that make it nice environments. Antique vases, paintings, small antique tables, a former winery and everything you want can be used to complete the setting.
In third place you must choose lighting for that room where the door is the traditional center. There are many antique lamps that you can find on Antiques and Salvage can close that and give a mysterious atmosphere and friendly environment.
To find that perfect home for your door you have to search in Anaheim, California, develops Antiques Salvage because there are the best designs and the best restore antiques for home decoration is a real party.
Just choose the design that you like for your home and your doors will choose you.

Sensational glass doors

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The sensational glass doors

The process of finding a door for your home can be easy or simple. Depends on where you search. You always have to first decide what type of door is the one you want. There are many styles of doors and varied forms. To find antique doors Salvage Antiques is best because they have lots of variety and the best quality.
Beautiful and new doors await you in Salvage Antiques and those combining wood with glass.

How are glass doors

Glass doors that you find in Salvage Antiques in Anaheim, are those that combine wood with glass. They may have glass almost completely or can have less glass.
Glass doors can be straight or curved. They can be single or double entry.
There are simple doors and some that have many aggregates. But in order to analyze its structure fine we will focus on each of these aspects:


The doors were created to generate light environments and splendor. Good design in a door is observed in the size of the windows that exactly combined with the proportion of wood the door has.


Often the doors are not simple mixtures of wood and glass but are behind an engineering process. There is a thoughtful and fine planned to achieve a specific purpose and can be a good way passage of light.


Glass doors look like works of art. The glasses are placed in surprising ways so similar to a work of art that responds to the creation of a piece that is constructed by author. Since the result is unique and unrepeatable, also this can be compared to art.


As the doors are created as a necessity, most doors are unique, they are unique and unrepeatable ways.
In the case of those found in Salvage Antiques are unique because they are extracted from old buildings and subsequently restored.
So besides a door you will have a lot of history in your home.

Where you can use the doors.

Doors are very useful in small environments to generate an intense passage of light. They can be good choice for rooms facing into a garden because that way you can take advantage of sunlight for longer.
If doors are used in corridors, room’s warm and comforting feeling light will be generated.

Who needs a door

All who want to have a brightly lit and pleasant home have to choose doors to some of their environments. Doors help provide a unit inside the house because they have such severe limits.

How to combine the doors

Glass doors can get an even stronger effect when combined with decorative objects made of glass. The light passing behind the doors will create a path of brightness across the decorative elements and your surroundings will have a special climate.

What is the style of the glass doors.

Glass doors, whether old, always generate an effect of an air of freshness and modernity. Most concentrated elegance and style distinction.

Decorative glass doors

They are doors that also contain a hand painted deeply artistic and decorative detail. They are sumptuous and elegant in the extreme. They maintain a unique and sophisticated style.

How are decorative glass doors:

Decorative doors differ doors that have a breakdown which makes them unique yet. Therefore, they can also be described under other criteria:


Decorative doors were created on the basis of taste or any particular design for a house, have a very clear and definite form will surely mark the style of any room where they are located.


Undoubtedly, decorative doors have a strong base of creativity. Playing with geometric shapes or have harmonious and dazzling flowers. They can also be combined with iron to complete designs.


If you love art you cannot stop looking decorative door for your home. Are expressions of an artistic soul and keep shades and expressly chosen forms.


You can never find a decorative door like another because all were created thinking in a given environment and precise construction. So if you find the door of your dreams in Salvage Antiques in California, do not let it escape.

Where you can use a decorative glass door.

Decorative doors can be the best options for any environment. These doors fill expression wherever they are located. They are very well appreciated in living rooms and in living rooms because, besides allowing the smooth passage of light, are to look at and admire.
Decorative doors must always be in places where people or passage of people because that beautiful style but representing lost.
You cannot have a decorative door and leave it in a place that no sunlight. The art of decorative doors only works if there is passage of light.
Therefore only advantage is if they are in contact with places where sunlight reaches perfectly.

In what places you can search for glass doors

Glass doors can be found in many places but to be true restorations of ancient doors must be sought in Anaheim, California. Only places that serve good restorations have to find the doors of your dreams because otherwise you can find doors that break easily and are not originally ancient or historical.
So there will be doors everywhere.

Doors en Brooklyn
Doors in San Antonio
Doors in San Francisco
Doors in Chicago
Doors in San Diego
Doors in Miami
Doors in Houston
Doors in Toronto
Doors in Atlanta
You have to find the door will close your surroundings with perfect style and a nice design. Decorative glass doors are also excellent choice for a touch of class to an environment that so far did not present much or did not have a defined personality.

The second step will bring the room in which you include the glass door to the rest of the elements combine and give a nice look, neat and elegant.

Search for glass doors in Salvage Antiques is an adventure.

Fabulous entry doors

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The front door must show its own style. The door is the symbol of the family entry and comfort. Decide which the best door is for your home is not a simple task. You have to take many aspects into account and also you have to think of that you cannot replace easily. It is desirable not to replace the gateway because it provides identity. Some people know your house by the entry door.

How to choose an entry door.

To choose an entry door for your home you have to contemplate several aspects. If you forget any of these aspects you will not find the door that best suits you. The traditional entry doors give your home a majestic air. If you choose an ancient entry door you will also have access to a passage from the story.
Pay attention to these aspects to find the old entrance door of your dreams:

Form: you have to decide how you want or need for your door. The shape can be curved or straight, rectangular or squarer.

Size: you can choose from a wide or narrow door, large or small. You can also choose if you want to be double or single entry.

Material: the front doors materials vary but surely if you want an old door you have to choose who are wooden. The old restored wood is firm and shows splendor. It is also a symbol of strength through the years.

Tips for choosing an entry door

When you have to decide which is the door that will best represent the world as your face, you can consider some aspects that will surely help you to choose the door that best fits in that environment entry for your house.

Environment adjustment

Every house has an atmosphere and style. You have to find the door that best matches the rest of the decor of the house. In Salvage Antiques in Anaheim you will find the best variety of gateways you can imagine. A lot of door to choose the best decorations so surely you find the model that is best for your home.


With the entrance door not you only look for decor. Also the entrance door can be chosen as a symbol of security and is therefore a good option find the stronger gates.


There are gates that are true works of art. They have details that make them decorative turned wood pieces or combined with iron.

Double entry doors: many options


If you choose double entry doors have available to you various styles.

Arched doors

The arched double entry doors provide a unique, fun and cheerful style. They are very strong and some of these arched doors have iron details that inspire antiquity

Solid doors

They are rectangular but double entry doors that give strength and distinction. They are chosen for large inputs to large spaces.

Iron insert doors

Double entry doors that can combine wood with iron. Demonstrate strength and elegance. They worked iron that is decorative and splendid.

Single entry doors


These are the doors that have one piece but can be incredibly impressive and strong.

Arched and side lights

The single entry doors can be arched and stray light. They are special and you can find these beautiful entry doors in California

Solid doors

They are firm and elegant doors.

Iron insert doors

Iron combined with wood that provides distinction.
Entry door exist for everyone: Mexicali doors, with sidelights, with glass.
Look for entry door for sale in Salvage Antiques.

Search in Anaheim, California the doors will close your home with the best quality.

Custom doors for every need

Custom doors for every need

custom doors, Vintage Door, antique doors, entry doors, doors as

Which is your dream door?

Often happens that you want a design of a door thay may be is no one of the ones you find in the shops. It might be a door that you always dreamed with or the one that better represents the place you have.
Searching for a custom door is also linked with the project of creating a special atmosphere and generally has to do with classical antique style atmospheres. When looking from old doors do not always find that one that really fits the space you have, so the service offered in Salvage Antiques of custom doors is perfect.

What does it take to create a door by request?


With much dedication and with the security of a good outcome, Salvage Antiques have the ability to create a door with the design you want to just by showing a picture of the form and structure.
You can take photos on a walk you do to the most wonderful antique doors and then have one in your home with only request the manufacturing to the Salvage Antiques team.


Nothing is impossible for Salvage Antiques, therefore, they can also generate a door with a simple drawing or a sketch of how you imagine or remember seeing it. With this only data the door you always wanted to be manufactured with the best materials and the most precise configuration can be done.

How do you take your dream door reality?

It begins with a design that is made based on a photograph or any other draw. Dimensions and materials are agreed according to the embodiment is seeking. Dream doors can be a reality with a handmade construction using antique materials from which you can find irons, woods and structures.

Material quality

Custom doors are made with original materials and old underwent major reconstruction and preservation processes so they keep all the best of old style and giving strength to the new construction. The iron combines with wood in countless designs and shapes. The old structures contribute to the doors are not bent or deformed.
You can also add or use materials such as lead or glass hand painted. The incorporation of glass can give an amazing and unique style.

Who can apply for custom doors?

All who wish may request custom doors. There is always someone in California who is looking for a striking design and Salvage Antiques will be responsible to bring it to reality.
All products are of high quality, produced after research and accurate historical replicas. Can be therefore double entry doors, interior doors or individual may be prepared for the most demanding tastes.

Doors products everywhere:

With 25 years of experience in the production of architectural pieces, doors as well as windows or floors, Salvage Antiques provides your important work to Anaheim, but may also use them, owners seeking:

· Custom doors in Brooklyn
· Custom doors in San Antonio
· Custom doors in San Francisco
· Custom doors in Chicago
· Custom doors in San Diego
· Custom doors in Miami
· Custom doors in Houston
· Custom doors in Toronto
· Custom doors in Atlanta

Why custom doors?

Custom doors are an excellent choice to generate innovative, attractive, sophisticated and special environments. They have an excellent finish and outstanding durability.
The method of production is because their ancient manufacturing is the main and only way of clothing.
Find in Anaheim, California Salvage Antiques places like building with excellence, the door you want is really a decent living situation.

What does an old door?

Being able to make custom doors is also believe that all dreams are possible, that all you can think, devise or imagine, just keep it in mind is feasible to perform.

Having old materials in the doors of a house is also introducing the story of those materials and thus had to feel part of an environment with more depth and hierarchy.

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