Custom French Exterior Door: add light and style.

Benefits of choosing a Custom French exterior door

The importance of custom doors

When building your house, or if you decide to redecorate it after some time to give it a fresh look, one of the main things to consider is how the front of the home will look. The exterior of your house and the decorating choices you make for each window and door will set the tone and the first impression that will go on in the rest of the house and hopefully, every room. There are many options available nowadays so you can not only keep in mind the design and style but also take advantage of some benefits that can be an improvement to your everyday life without having to add anything extra and just choosing the right door type, material and accent to the piece. If you have any special needs or requirements, there is also the possibility of having it custom made to fit your exact needs. . For example, choosing a Custom French door exterior. It’s not only design that matters since it’s an exterior door, so this means that requirements such as security, resistance to certain weather conditions and privacy will be key factors in the final decision.

What is a Custom French Exterior Door?

A French door is one of the many door styles that can be found available in the market nowadays. A French door has a frame around one or more transparent lites, that are glass panels that may be translucent or transparent. These lites or lights may be installed singly, in pairs, or even as series.  A French door, sometimes called a French window, is a door made up of panes or panels of glass that make it energy efficient and are separated by wooden frames, but glass takes most of the surface of the door. When you choose a French door for an indoor space the idea of it is usually separate two different rooms but still give the feeling of a whole integrated one. On the other hand, if you choose to have a Custom French door exterior look, the biggest advantage you will get is the increase of natural light into your house, and with the correct glass type you can also make your home energy efficient.

custom french exterior door

custom french exterior door

Style and functionality

Custom French door exterior can be functional, but most of the customers who choose this particular style is related to aesthetic reasons since it gives a dramatic and elegant effect to the front of the home, and make it look connected to the indoor part of the house.  It’s functional as well to bring in light, and to give the optical illusion of two spaces tied into one and give an open feel if connected to a garden ort entrance. They are also great to increase the value of a property since it automatically increase style and distinction to a house, making it look more valuable. It can be added to a simple front and transform it into a stunning entrance.

Custom French door

Each French door is created in its own unique way and can be customized and designed to suit your needs. By choosing the best materials possible for your requirements, you can have a custom French door that will last a long time and improve the conditions and overall style of your home.  A custom French door exterior can also be complemented with matching window styles, entrances and gateways. The first thing you have to consider in any exterior door is which material it will be made of and taking in consideration your weather, security needs and also personal taste. Custom French exterior doors can be found usually in five materials: fiberglass, wood, Aluminum, vinyl and steel. The choice you make will define the rest of the accents and styling since it can change completely from one material to the other.

Benefits of Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass is certainly one of the most common options for exterior doors. They are durable, energy efficient and since material is extremely strong it’s appropriate for a French door design since it can hold large panels of glass. Regarding maintenance, fiberglass is known for its low to no maintenance at all requirements, since it can easily be painted and doesn’t rust or chip. In weather conditions such as high heat or extreme cold, it’s recommended due to its minimal conduction of heat and cold and the fact that it expands and contacts very little with temperature variations. Since an exterior door is far more exposed to these conditions than an inside one, fiberglass is one of the top picks. They are also very easy to install.

Benefits of steel doors

Steel doors have usually energy efficient core insulation foam and can be weather adjusted by the manufacturer according to your needs. The steel doors are resistant to swelling with heat or shrinking with extreme cold temperature, so they will be durable for many years and will require minimum maintenance. Steel French door exterior is specially recommended for locations with extreme temperatures since they won’t have to be replaced as fast as other material choices. They usually can be painted in any color requested and the look of steel combined with the glass panel in a custom French door exterior will allow you to achieve a modern, elegant and edgy look.  Steel doors are usually not as affordable as wood doors.

Considerations on a steel door

If you’re looking to low your budget as much as possible, a steel door will probably be  good choice, particularly if you have the possibility of installing it yourself with a pre hung door kit. That will save you the cost of installation. Steel offers the strongest barrier against burglars and intruders at your home and a not painted, regular steel door can be one if not the most affordable option for replacing a door with little money. Still, if the weather is not appropriate for it (salty air, heavy rains, snow) they will have a much shorter life than a fiberglass or a wood door.

Benefits of wood doors

If you choose a wood door for a custom French door exterior look, you will get the more traditional style that house’s exteriors can achieve. They give a rustic, well crafted and familiar look that gives a warm feeling to the entrance. Wood because of its weight and style is considered to be one of the safest types regarding security. They can easily be painted or stained for the image you are looking for. A wooden sturdy door combined with glass panels such as a custom French door exterior can be, will make the wood and crafted work on it automatically look more elegant and classy as well as giving you more natural light to your exterior look. Keep in mind that wood requires some maintenance since it can chip or need repainting at least once a year to keep it in good condition.

Different styles on French doors

Custom door exterior nowadays can be found ina great variety of sizes and different styles. Especially on a custom French door exterior that can be adapted to any need you may have in mind for your home. It’s a common thought that French doors always have a grid appearance with horizontal and vertical panels inside of a frame. The traditional style of a French door also included a pair of doors that opened or closed. That is what is currently known as a traditional French door, but nowadays it’s possible to find many French doors that vary in style and design due to the architecture and design trends that keep changing all the time and need proper adjustments.  Some of the French doors that can be found today may include sliding doors, doors with a partial grid system or no grid system at all. There are also different types of glass that can be chosen for the panels will give you more light or privacy according to what you want.

PVC and Aluminum doors

Not as usually asked for but that are also available options for a custom French door exterior are PVC doors an aluminum ones. PVC is corrosion resistant and it’s mainly reinforced with steel inside that makes it rigid and helps it maintain energy and reduce heat. It’s a light weight material that can be cleaned easily and doesn’t have to be repainted frequently since it doesn’t discolor with age, with makes it almost as low maintenance as a custom French door exterior made out of fiberglass. On the other hand, aluminum is mainly used for patio doors or screen doors, because of its light weight that makes it as confortable in daily use as a sliding door. This is also a good option for a weather resistant door, but it conduce heat easily, which makes it not as suitable for thermal insulation porpoises.

The best French door for you

The choice you make for your custom door exterior will depend mainly on how the doors will be used and the architecture of your house and how it’s displayed. Also consider the weather, exposure and temperature types we reviewed to make sure that the door of your choice not only will be stunning and nice to look at but also functional and resistant. Regarding budget, custom door exterior can vary in prince ranges according to the selected material, glass type and design. Consider the maintenance needs and sometimes offered warranty as a part of the overall budget you have in mind to avoid any extra expenses from increasing your initial budget.

Are exterior doors energy efficient?

While there are many ways nowadays to make your house more energy efficient, choosing a custom French door is one option that is affordable and still can increase the value of your home. French doors are easy to swing open, but they do require an open area for swinging. Still, the feeling you will get opposite to a sliding door is the integration of two separate rooms and dividing them without closing spaces. If you require the glass to be more or less transparent or translucent for connecting rooms or privacy desire, keep in mind that most of the manufacturers that can make a custom door exterior will allow you to choose pretty much any kind of glass you want, but it’s also good to ask what is the best one for the effect you are trying to get. Sometimes what you think will look better may not be the most suitable one for you in the long term, so it’s a good idea to check with an experienced manufacturer about different options available. If your main concern is energy efficiency, you can ask for a triple-pane glass or double-pane glass with low-E plastic films between the panels. This will not only increase the energy but also lower outside noise. The frame material is also an important factor to consider for efficiency. For a custom French door exterior, choosing a fiberglass frame is very strong option, since its strength will allow that you get more space available for glass panels without needing wider frames to hold them.

Door Options


If you decide to get a French door exterior in wood, keep in mind that Wood doors with energy-efficient fiberglass are a great choice because they are energy-efficient and also keep a traditional look Also, many custom  doors exterior are built with special-grade glass that can also withstand powerful winds and extreme temperatures. If wood is an expensive option that exceeds your budget, getting a custom French door exterior made of steel can offer the same efficiency as wood but with a lower cost. Fiberglass is basically maintenance-free if that is one of the requirements you have: it will not chip or rust and it will require minimum maintenance. This material is often chosen since it won’t crack, expand, rust or get damaged like many other materials used in custom French door exterior.

No matter which is the material you end up choosing, you should make sure that the  French door exterior are weatherproofed to prevent early damage.


Why buying custom size interior doors?

Custom doors

You carefully decorate your house and put effort in it. If you want it to look even more special, custom interior doors is what you have to have. Doors are an important part of the house and they have to match with everything else. Maybe the size you want for your door is not a common one. Amighini can make the size you need for your door because all our jobs are custom made and specially thought for every costumer. All you have to do is bring us the specs and we’ll make them for you. That way, you’ll have exactly the door you want.

You go around your house without paying attention to them but they are most important. They are the pillars of your home and portals that help you get by. They also give you privacy and peace. They keep you away from the outside world when you need it. Doors are essential in your house and choosing the right kind and size is elemental. Make your doors as special as the rest of your house at Amighini. All our doors are custom made and especially thought for you with reclaimed wood and every detail is handmade. We carefully work in our doors especially for you.

Custom size interior door in CA

Custom size interior door


When a house is carefully designed and every detail was particularly thought about before hand, it means that everything has to be special. Doors aren’t less important than anything else. Thinking about doors is an important part of the process of building a house. Choosing the right door is easy when you have someone that you know will make an excellent job at making what you need in the interior of your house. Amighini works with reclaimed wood and can make the door you want from scratch. Whatever size you want it to match the design of the interior of your house, they can do it. They specialize in custom doors.

Everything in your house is special. Every room and every piece of furniture are picked especially. When you decorate a house you put an effort in it that then can be seen when it’s done and everything looks beautiful and the way you imagined it. Doors are also part of that process. You have to choose the perfect door that matches how perfectly you decorated your house. And if you already have doors look at them and think if they are what you want. Do they match the interior of your house? Trust in Amighini with your doors and make your interior look perfect.


Custom size interior door

Custom size interior door

Installing custom size interior doors.

You have to hire people who know what they are doing when you are building your house or when you are redecorating. Everything has its own place and there’s people specialize in different tasks. When thinking about your doors, you have to find someone who specializes in installing doors and make sure they are custom made according to your needs and to what your house needs. Amighini specializes in custom doors but not only in making them but also on installing them. You don’t have to look forward any longer. You’ll find amazing door designs that can be made especially for you.

At Amighini we make custom size interior doors that are beautiful and sophisticated. We work with antiques and reclaimed wood that gives doors a touch of elegance you’ll find in no other place. You have to make every room of your house unique because they are the places where you spend the most time in and they are important because is where you create memories of your family or the people you live with. So whenever you think of changing a door in a room ¡, think of Amighini. Our excellent work with doors and our experience is a guarantee of the fine job we’ll make for you.

Special interiors.

The inside of your house is an important place where you put your efforts in making it look as you want it to look. Whether if you are building a new house or redecorating the place where you live, you must pay special attention in the doors you choose. Don’t resign yourself with simple doors that anybody else could have in their house. To make the inside of your house even more special, choose custom size interior doors. Amighini can make them the size you want. Taller, shorter, wider or slimmer, whichever you prefer, we can custom make them for you. We work in every detail of what you need and deliver exactly what you asked for.

The house you live in is a special place you chose to spend your days in. It’s the place where you are going to live your life with your loved ones. You put your everything in every detail, choosing everything that’s inside, spending time in the decoration and de interior design. The doors in every room are also an important part because they are the portals that let you through your beloved house. The doors can match the interior of your house and also every room inside of it. Amighini can make the door of your dreams exactly as you want it.


The elegance that double entry doors bring.

Why buying double entry doors?

Buying a double entry doors gives the front of your home the fanciness it needs. They are beautiful and sophisticated and also practical. Double doors also make the entrance of your house bigger which will make your front look amazing. Buying a double door for your entrance at Amighini will guarantee you the best quality door you could ever get.

The front of your home.

The front of your home is the first thing people see. It’s what gives the impression of it and of what I has inside. If you want the front of your house to look amazing and fancy, a double entry door is exactly what it needs. Double entry doors guarantees you sophistication to give the best first impression you could ever give. Amighini makes the best custom double doors.

Different materials for a door.

Doors can be made with different materials. Wood gives an elegant touch to any door and it could be decorated with iron details. If they have glass, it also adds to it because it lets in beautiful natural light to your house. Amighini is an expert in custom doors and a double door for your entrance is a recommendation they give you the front of your house.

Double entry door in CAl

Double entry doors in CA


A house with a sophisticated touch.

Double entry doors, made with various materials mixed, make a door elegant. That way, the front door of your home looks formal and amazing. A fancy front door is an important part of the house and double doors are the best way of making it look the best you could. Amighini’s handmade and restored doors are the best choice for house’s front.

Californian double entry doors.

Californian houses are beautiful and sophisticated. Whether they are near the beach or in midtown, they always look fancy and since California is a city full of tourists, they long to live there and always want to look inside. They are honestly dream houses. If you have a house in California and you want it to look like a dream house people would love to live in, a double entry door is your best choice and Amighini is the place to buy them.

A piece of art in the front of your house.

Amighini makes their doors like artists make their pieces. With dedication and detail, every single door is handmade and customized as you wish so the front of your house looks as amazing as the inside and as sophisticated as a piece of art. Amighini is your best choice for your entry door.

Your house is a universe.

Your house is a place you create to spend most of your time in or you and your family. You watch for every little detail inside from the paint on the walls until the paper napkins you buy for your every-day life. You are in every aspect of it and you have to decide how it looks from the outside. That’s why choosing double entry doors for the front is your best choice since it will give it the elegance no other kind of door will.

Double entry door in Anaheim

Double entry doors in Anaheim

Feeling safe in your home.

Double entry doors built with different type of materials makes the front of your house not only beautiful and sophisticated but also safe. Amighini makes the best and strongest double doors for your entry without them looking any less beautiful and sophisticated. Heavy doors are harder to violate and break into which makes them safer so you won’t have to worry and at the same time they won’t stop looking amazing.

Different colors for your door.

Doors are made with different types of wood at Amighini where we make the best kind. Choosing what kind of wood you want for your entry door will give it a different but natural color and you can mix it with different types of other materials that can also decorate your door. Or the door can also be simply painted.


Antique doors for your entry.

An antique double entry door is an excellent choice for the front of our house. If you are looking for embellishing the façade of your home, an antique door will make it look sophisticated. Your house will never look better than with an antique double entry door because these doors have details and mixed materials that make them exquisite.  Amighini has the best antique doors for the entry of your home.

Custom made entry doors for your home.

Having a unique front door will make your house look unique. A one of a kind double door for your entry is what you need if you want it to look sophisticated. Amighini builds custom made doors. They are handmade and built specially for every costumer. You’ll never find a door like yours anywhere else and your house will look unique.

The first impression of your house.

The front of your house is the first impression people have of it when they arrive. It tells them what to expect inside or simply gives them something nice to look at when they are at the door. Maybe they are not even getting in or they are just passing by, double entry doors will impress anyone and your house will never be unnoticed.

Choose the right entry door for your home.

If you want your home to look stylish then you have to choose the right kind of door for your entrance so the outside looks as good as the inside. Double entry doors are an amazing choice for the front of your house to look amazing and at Amighini we make the best antique doors for the entry of your home.

Advantages of a double door.

A double entry door takes upon a lot of space in the front of your house which is not necessary a bad thing. It makes your entrance bigger which looks nice for the front of a house. They are also heavier than single doors so they are safer because they are harder to break into. In Amighini we make the best double doors mixing different materials so they have everything you need in a door.

Doors with glass on them.

A double entry door has many advantages. One of them is that they have the space for mixing a lot of different materials like steel and wood but they can also have glass on them. A door with glass is always great to have because the glass lets natural light in, which looks amazing and you can also check whoever is at the door without having to open it.

An exclusively designed door for you.

Amighini specializes in custom made doors. That means that every door we make is unique for every client. We also restore old doors with reclaimed wood. If you are looking for a double entry front door we are the right place to come to. We work on every detail of the door and make it especially for you. Our handmade doors are your best option for the entry of your home.


Discover your custom steel doors options


When shopping for custom steel gates keep in mind that there are many options to consider within the steel material.

You can have aluminum Hollow metal, stainless steel and can be combined with glass panels to improve light and ventilation, colors and styling that fits your home’s look.

Style and quality

A custom door can not only make a statement on style but also be resistant and durable.

Why choosing it

Steel is an affordable option if you are looking to have a door that lasts a long tome even with heavy use since it can last longer than other options in materials with proper maintenance.

Get it custom made custom steel doors

If the options you find premade don’t match your style, fitting or security needs you have the possibility to have it custom made.

Custom doors

Custom doors



Steel doors can be adjusted to the size and look you want in your home.


By adding glass panels or accents on it, you can have a unique style.

Stainless steel doors

The frames on these doors have the longest life compared to other materials.

Hollow metal doors

To get a tidy look on your door.

Aluminum doors

For noise insulation, fire retarding, and if properly set can be isolating for weather and prevent it from rusting easily.

Maintenance of custom steel doors

Repainting periodically is necessary to prevent it from rust nd paint chipping.


Some of the doors allow you to install them yourself since they come or can be asked for a pre hung frame that will save you the cost of installing it with a professional.


Steel is known to be a durable material though it requires maintenance. Keep in mind that a custom doors is an investment that with regular maintenance can last longer than any other material you choose.

custom steel doors

custom steel doors

Choose steel for exterior doors

Custom steel doors can be chosen for indoor or outdoor needs. However, is a known fact that steels gives the most securityfor an exterior door since it’s hard for intruders to pass it by, which makes it a great option for an exterior door.


Why an Exterior door


A vintage door as well as a front door makes a big statement since it’s one of the first things people notice before entering your house and sets the first clue in style for the rest of it. It can blend perfectly with the overall style you have set for the front or completely stand out from the rest of it, but make sure that as well of looking for the safest and most reliable door that also the style you choose will make a difference.

The importance of an exterior door

What makes choosing a vintage door different than shopping for an inside one? Vintage door will need to be not only suitable in design and architecture but also resistant to weather and different climate conditions since it will be permanently exposed to sun, wind, rain and other weather changes that may affect it as time goes by. So keep in mind that both style and durability are key factors in the selection of your new entrance wooden door.

Exterior door

Exterior door


Budget and cost

When you start checking doors according to your budget, keep in mind the following things to consider: regardless the material the antique door is made of, it’s even more important to make sure that the manufacturer who makes it is experienced and can assure you a well built door.


You can have the most expensive material and with a poor construction and it will not be durable, resistant –or what’s even more important – safe. Also, keep in mind the cost that will have the maintenance of vintage door (how often you have to repaint it, sand it, replacing it) can also be taken as part of the initial budget. The installation of the door (whether it’s a pre-hung model or not) has to be added to the initial cost to avoid any not planned expenses.

Styles and design

There’s a huge variety of antique’s door types, materials, combinations with glass and accessories available in the market nowadays. Most of the initial decision will depend on your personal taste and decoration preferences, but you will also have to find the most suitable material according to climate, safety needs and durability expectations.


There are several advantages that you can have in addition to your lifestyle by picking the correct one for your needs.

Enhance your natural lighting

If you have the possibility of adding light panels to your vintage door you can take advantage of natural light during the day and turning your house into a more energy efficient one. You can have a single panel in your door, mirrored panels or any kind that you like how it looks and also helps you improve your interior as well.

Improve your home’s ventilation

You have the chance when you are shopping for an exterior door to find a model that can help you get better ventilation at home and also keeping the home fresh without having to set up the A.C and also enjoying the view.

Enhance your home’s front apparel

An exterior door can be a key factor in making a difference in your front home overall design and look. Either you choose a traditional style or a trendy modern look, it sets the mood for the inside of your home. What you show on the front makes a statement.

Custom doors.

If you are not able to find a premade vintage door that suits your needs and your taste, remember that there’s always the option of having it custom made to what you want exactly. The idea is that you have an exterior door that will suit you and will resist the daily use.

Weather and climate considerations

Take in consideration that when you choose the material or whether it’s an in swing or out swing mechanism weather is a very important factor to consider. The most appropriate material for your antique door won’t be the same if you live in a hot city than if it’s usually rainy. So check with the manufacturer before you make your choice to make sure your investment will be worthy.

Glass panels addition

Adding glass panels to your exterior door not only can help you improve the natural light of your home’s inside but also make a wooden door a more elegant one. Some of the frames and designs available can turn a rustic door into a classy entrance.


There are many accents that can help you customize your door. Glass panels, special doorknobs, custom finishes. Choose the door you like and check for any extra accessory that can help your door becoming unique.

Choose your material: wood

Wood is the most common option if you are looking for making a statement on elegance of your house. It’s easily customized into the look you are trying to achieve since by adding the right finish and accent can be either a rustic looking piece or a stunning vintage door. It’s one of the most expensive options but fits with most architecture designs. An exterior door is a good idea.

Maintenance of wooden

Even though wood requires the highest maintenance for a vintage door, it’s easier to repair a scratch or paint on a wooden door than in a fiberglass or steel one: most of the sanding and repainting can be done by yourself and doesn’t require a professional to fix it.

Choose your material: steel

A steel  door is a great choice if you are looking to save as much as possible.


The cost is usually lower that wood or fiberglass and they are slightly most resistant to intruders.

Maintenance of steel

The life of a steel door is usually shorter than a fiberglass or wood one. If you live in a salty air or humid weather, maybe steel is not the most suitable option to choose since it can dent easily and it’s not as easy to repair.

Choose your material: fiberglass

A fiberglass antique door can be found in a big variety of styles. It doesn’t expand with heat and it has probably the lowest maintenance require. It’s one of the most popular options nowadays for it relatively low cost and the possibility to find your style needs in this material.

Maintenance of fiberglass

Even though an exterior  door that requires no maintenance, fiberglass it’s probably the closest one to no maintenance at all.

Vintage doors

It works perfect for a vintage door since it doesn`t get  as much damaged  by rain, heat, snow or any weather factor that may rust it or dent it. It’s a great option if you don’t want to have to do maintenance very often.

Security and durability

Thinking about an exterior door, steel usually is the most chosen option for a secure and durable door. But keep in mind weather conditions and maintenance requirements before choosing an exterior door. It will depend on your specific home.

Handle sets, locksets and doorknobs

By adding special handle sets, locksets and doorknobs you can easily customize your exterior door not only in design and style but also add the security you want, regardless the material you choose. An exterior dooris a big election.


Antique doors: classic and elegant


Antique doors for decorating your rooms.

Vintage doos are a fantastic way to decorate your favorite room. Do you have a special place in your house? Maybe it needs something to make it even more special. Doors can make rooms unique, it gives them something to say, not only about the room they are in but about you and your house. They give your home a little touch of sophistication and it’s not just a useful tool that gets you in and out of rooms but a piece of the decoration. Buying an antique door for a room will surely improve how it looks and everyone will notice it there. Here at Amighini we restore old antique doors and preserve all their history and sophistication, making it look as good as a new door. All our doors are from reclaimed wood, handmade and custom made especially for every client. We look very carefully at every detail and make sure your door is unique and turns the room it’s in into a special environment.

How to make a room inspiring.

We always have our little favorite place in our houses. That room we feel is ours, that it has something that we added to it to make it feel special. Maybe it’s the room where you work, or where you like to get ideas. Or it’s the room where important things happen. A place where your family gets together and do thing united. Or maybe it’s just a special place where you like to be alone surrounded by your favorite things or maybe the pieces of decoration that you chose specifically for it. Any room that has a personal touch has a power on its own and that is a perfect place to put antique doors. It ill add something else to the story that room wants to tell you or anybody who comes in or goes out. It will be the portal in and out of different universes around your house and you’ll be inspired by your beautifully decorated surroundings.

Antique doors in CA, Antique doors in California, Antique doors in Anaheim, Antique doors

Antique doors in CA


Why should I buy antique doors?

Buying antique doors for your house will immediately give it a sense of warmth and elegance. Vintage doors are like a piece of art in the tools and furniture department. They are vintage and detailed and beautiful and you can make it match with your favorite room. If you want a room of your home to feel special and unique, buying a vintage door for it will give it what you are looking for. Putting an antique door in a room will create a perfect atmosphere for any activity you realize in it. The doors of your house will never look better if they are antique and they will make any place you put them better immediately. These are just some of the reasons why you should buy antique doors for your house, especially here at Amighini where we customize them and they are handmade and special for you.

Making a room look special and sophisticated.

Your house is a special place and it’s your job to making it look that way. Every room has something that makes it somebody’s favorite. Maybe it’s because it’s the place where they spend most of their time or it’s somewhere they like to be alone. Those rooms have their own decoration and style. Antiques are the special touch that will make those rooms feel vintage and they’ll look fantastic. Antiques are old but with the proper work restoration they will look like a brand new door. You can find the right door for you here at Amighini where we restore doors. They are custom made and unique. Every single one of them are handmade and carefully finished for every costumer. You’ll never find another door like an Amighini’s door where we pay special care to our client’s needs to make the decoration of their houses reach a new level with our customized doors.

Antique doors in Anaheim, antique doors

Antique doors in Anaheim

Doors that hide universes and stories.

Every room of your house is a different universe where memories and stories are made every day. They have their own special environment that you create by decorating them. In a way, they are like your little galaxy where you make your own different planets. They can be all different, even if they match, because each one of them has their own purpose. And doors are the portals to travel from one room to the other. They have to be special too. They have to say something. Antiques are what your universe needs to travel through it. They are sophisticated and stylish and will make your rooms look amazing. They are almost like part of the decoration because they are made with detail. Here are Amighini we take special care of everything. Our doors are handmade finished and made from reclaimed wood. Custom antique doors will make your rooms and house unique, like no other house. We’ll take good care of your needs and of what you want and you’ll have the door of your dreams.

Antique doors in California

Antique doors in California


Antique doors are a piece of art.

The works in vintage doors are carefully done. Their wood is specially worked by hand and every other detail is looked after carefully and with special precision like a piece of art. That’s why vintage doors are not just doors but part of the decoration of the room. Doors will make your room look sophisticated. They are special for living rooms, dining rooms or anywhere where you might have pieces of art or a room well decorated with antiques, whether it’s furniture or art. At Amighini we specialize in antiques and restored furniture and doors, with reclaimed wood, specially treated and with finished by hand. That’s why we are the perfect place to find the door you need. All our doors are custom made and unique for every one of our clients.


Picking an entrance door

The importance of an entrance door

The entrance of your home is the first thing anyone will see when they arrive. So it’s very important that the front of your home can reflect as well what’s inside and it is a big part of the overall style of the house. So when considering the design of your entry, keep in mind that there are a lot of materials, styles and even the possibility to have an entrance door custom made so you can achieve the look and the Choosing the best entrance door will assure you low maintenance, energy savings and a wonderful first look at your home for many years.

Entrance door

Entrance door

Entrance door materials

When you decide to get an entrance door for your home, one of the main things to consider is which material the entrance door will be made of. There are a lot of options and different combinations that will depend on your need, personal taste but also may be limited by the space or opening style. For instance, some doors can only be found on a certain material, such as curved tops that are usually made of wood. The most common materials an entrance door can be made of are wood, steel and fiberglass.

Quality and durability

There are some differences in quality when we compare fiberglass, steel and wood, but that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. This will depend on your needs, your taste but most important, how the piece is manufactured. If your main concern is getting a door that you won’t have to replace for a very long time, the best option is always to go to an experienced manufacturer that will not only be able to assist you with your inquiries, but guarantee you that regardless the material it’s made of, it will be well constructed.

Fiberglass, wood or steel

You may like all of them and not be able to decide what is the most suitable material your entrance door can be made of, so the first thing to consider is which is your biggest concern when you choose your entrance door. Is it weather, budget, safety, style? All of them? Make sure to let your manufacturer know exactly what you want to have taken care of so the decision you make will be the best one within your budget.

Entrance door in CA

Entrance door in CA


Think about maintenance

Wood will require maintenance, especially if you get a solid core door, since it will have to be repainted and can only be sanded and painted a certain amount of times before having to replace it. The finish can be affected from weather and the finishing can bubble or start peeling off as time goes by, but if you choose a solid wood door instead it will be more durable. Still, the price will be much higher and you will have to maintain it at least once a year to keep it in the best possible condition and prevent early damage that can’t be restored.

Fiberglass is one of the newest materials for an entrance door

And it’s commonly used because it has very little maintenance, it’s secure and can be designed with a woody look if you want the style but not the material.
Steel on the other hand is the usual option for entry doors since it’s not expensive, it’s a durable well known material and there’s a huge variety of designs, colors and finishes that can fit most styles and decorations.

Energy efficiency

If energy savings are one of the things you will like to take in consideration when choosing a door for your home, keep in mind that regardless which material the entry door is made of you have the possibility of buying them or have them custom made with the addition of glass panels that can help you not only make a bigger statement in the design of the entrance door but also improve and take advantage of natural lighting. This is something that will not only improve decoration inside your home but create a more elegant look when you see it from the outside.


Usually a new entrance door will require full new installation, unless the new entrance door has the exact same measures and weight as the old one. Keep in mind to always buy the installation kit from the same manufacturer to make sure that it will fit perfectly and avoid any kind of breaks on the piece or even worst, a bad closing door that may be unsafe.

Amighini's Entrance door

Amighini’s Entrance door

Safety first

The door is where someone enters your house, but of course, we try to avoid any burglar from breaking in, so safety is very important in the decision process. Make sure to get an extra lock and ask about your best option to have not only a beautiful entrance, but a safe one.
Custom entrance door
If you can’t find something that you like and that fits your space, check for a custom entrance door. Experienced manufacturers can offer you the addition of glass panels, a specific size or design and make yours unique.

Entrance door & design

Usually, customers try to have the door match the rest of the house, but it’s a growing trend to get a well design, colorful entrance door to make your entry stand out from the rest of the house.

Custom door first impression matters


Custom entry doors

  • Designs, colors, and style
  • Different materials

A custom door for a custom home

Every part of your home should be a reflection of yourself. The first impression starts at the front door, and goes on to each door in the house. So when you are choosing between a standard door and a custom door, take in consideration the following tips and ideas.

Choosing one

By choosing a custom door you will make sure that what you get will suit your needs and preferences. For instance, if your house needs more natural lighting you can add glass panels, or have it done in a vintage style that matches the rest of your decoration. Burglars concern you? You can choose a resistant door and have it set to be more secure with additional locks. Factors such as weather, climate, space, lighting and style can be taken in consideration to have your custom door design.

 Type of doors

You can start by choosing the size you need and taking an overall look to the style you are trying to set at home. Either is vintage looking or modern, solid wood, aluminum, with or without glass panels, glass decorations, rustic or fancy looking, have it done to your own taste will warranty you that it will blend in with the rest of the house.


custom door in CA

custom door in CA

Each room

It doesn’t matter if you are deciding on your front door or your kitchen’s door: every space has its unique personality and style and you can have a door made for every space that reflects the spirit you are trying to achieve inside the room. Also, keep in mind that depending on the privacy you need, or the wider you want your space to look, you can get assistance in deciding and designing your own custom door.

Different materials

Solid core wooden doors are doors made from timber. Aluminium is a strong, resistant and it’s not expensive. Steel is by far the toughest and most resistant material doors are made of, but some may find the style steel gives more rustic that what they are looking for. Lead lighting and stained glass can make a simple style home turn into a much more appealing one. Fibreglass doors give amazing strength, wáter and sound proof and are one of the newest options available nowadays. You can also have hollow core doors set up for inside rooms, or mirrored doors for a small space that you want to give the illusion of a bigger and wider space.

Different doors

Keep in mind what is the need you have for every room before choosing the material. For instance, solid core wooden doors are usually set at the front of the house where soundproof is a main concern. Aluminum can be usually found on garage doors. Hollow core doors are usually used for internal doors since they have a lower cost. Mirrored doors are specially good for bedrooms or closet doors.

Beauty enviroments

By choosing your custom door you will have total control of how it’s going to look like when finished and set up. Instead of adjusting or settling for a door that is functional but may not match your personal taste, have a custom door made especially for your house and make sure that all your concerns, style preferences and budget possibilities are taken care of.

Custom door IN CA

Custom door IN CA


Designs, colors, and style

There’s a huge variety of styles, designs and possibilities to have your custom door made of. You can either look for inspiration on retail stores, different collections, have a premade door have certain modifications that you require or simply start from scratch and design your own special custom door.

Best door for me

That will depend on your needs. Keep in mind that if you are not sure what would be the best option available according to your budget, taste and daily use, you can check with a professional that usually makes custom doors and will be able to assist you and guide you to get the best custom door possible.


Keep in mind factors like weather, climate in your area, security needs, lighting advantages and mostly, what is the proper maintenance for each option available to have your custom door made.


Custom steel entry doors: safety and style

 Make an entrance


The front of your house and the entry door you choose to have makes a statement when someone

arrives. So whenever you decide to upgrade or install a new front or entry door, make sure you

consider steel as one of the best options for it to be made.


Why custom steel entry doors?


Custom steel entry doors have the rugged durability of steel and the elegance of design in one. It’s

one of the most affordable, long used materials that is still being chosen for its variety of designs

that can be made from it and for being a safe material.


Add light


If you want more natural light in your house but still have the steel door, you can have it customized

by adding panels or sidelights and making it more elegant, as well as adding a softer look to the

steel itself.


Steel vs. Fiberglass


Both steel and fiberglass are good choices for entry doors. Steel is a much better choice for modern

houses, and fiberglass gives texture and is usually more appropriate for classical houses. Both

of them are energy efficient, but steel has a more durable quality to it and it’s perfect for a more

elegant, vintage look.


Steel vs. wood


Even though wood may be a more affordable option for an entry door, steel has the durability factor

to its favor that will eventually be a money saver since you won’t have to replace for a very long

time and you will also save money in maintenance expenses. Since wood absorbs moisture, it can

peel, twist, warp, bubble and bow,resulting in replacement faster than steel.




Usually, fire resistance metal steel doors offer a 20-gauge steel skin and have a 20-minute fire

rating, so they have the ability to block extensive heat and flame spreading for twenty minutes to

allow you to reach safety with that extra time. Keep in mind that steel doors are by far the safer

ones, offering ten times more safety to burglars than any other material available in the market.


Advantages of steel


Steel is resistant to shrinking, rotting and warping. They are safer than other materials and fireproof,

offering protection to the spread of a fire. They are up to four times more energy efficient as doors

made of wood. There’s also a great selection of styles so you can choose which one will match your

house the best.


Customizable features


As well as choosing the shape, whether is going to be in swinging or out swinging, have glass

panels to increase light, find the knobs to match your decoration, you can also choose the style

since nowadays not only you can have the custom entry steel door painted to match your taste but

also decide on texture, glass options and ask for them as modern or vintage as you want.




Steel is always fashionable and can turn a simple entry door into a great stunning entrance just by

adding the touch of something durable but classy to your home. Wood doors are recommended for

a more rustic style, fiberglass is modern and hip but steel is a classic that never goes out of style.



Steel entry doors are highly durable doors and are resistant to rust and cracking with minimum

upkeep, which means they last longer than other materials and save you money in the long run.

Also, steel doors offer insulating properties and can lower your home’scooling and heating costs.




Steel requires low to no maintenance at all.


Weather considerations


Steel conducts temperature so it can be as hot or cold as the temperature outside.But as resistant

as it is, it’s commonly recommended for all types of weather since moist doesn’t affect it as much as



Steel doors and fire rated doors


Not all steel doors with frames are fire resistant, but you can get one if this is a concern you want

taken care of. The fire-rating sticker located on it will show just how long your door is rated for.


Energy efficient


Lower your energy costs by saving up electricity using natural light if you decide to add glass panels

or sidelights to your steel entry door, lighting a room with the door closed.




Steel is the most resistant material available for doors, so it will last longer and be safer.




If your main concerns about your entry door include fires and home intrusion, steel will always be

the best option for you.

Custom entry doors with sidelights: first impression counts

 Why choose custom entry doors with sidelights?


The front entryway to your house should be the best first impression that it can be since it’s the

presentation of the rest of your home. This means it’s important to find a door design you are

happy with and matches the style of your indoor space as well as the front of your house, making it

look better from the outside. Exterior doors may be built from steel, fiberglass or wood, and can be

customized according to your needs and personal taste to boost the front of the house with a door

that will also be durable and plays a key role not only in decoration but also in keeping your home

energy efficient and safe for you and your family.


Enhance the style


Front exterior and entry doors with sidelights can enhance the beauty and class of most homes

just by choosing the correct design that does the trick to merge with your house’s architecture

and boost the style you have decided to use for the whole property, as well of taking advantage

of natural lighting and making your home energy efficient just by choosing the correct materials. If

you have been thinking about replacing your existing front door, bear in mind that entry doors with

sidelight can increase your house’s value through greater curb appeal.If you choose to upgrade

you existing front exterior doors, there are many details that can be adjusted to your profile to make

it as personal and customized as it can be. Just by caring about the selection and the details you

use you can transform you every day front door into a majestic entrance.


custom bifold door 1



Choose the best material


Exterior doors are available in an huge amount and variety of designs and materials. By taking in

consideration your needs and taste, you will have a large selection of door’s materials to choose

from, depending on whether you are looking for a stylish vintage look or a rustic heavy looking

entrance. By combining any of the materials with sidelight panels, you will be able to manage light

entrance and comfort as well as durability and design.

Steel doors


When searching for an entry door on a tight budget, you should keep in mind that steel is an

affordable option taking in consideration that it can be used successfully with any climate. It is

durable and strong, and the upkeep and maintenance of it is one of the lowest. If you are worried

about the look you can have it customized with sidelights that will make it seem warmer.


Fiberglass doors


There is currently a huge variety of styles and designs of fiberglass doors that may or may not

include glass inserts for decorative reasons. Fiberglass is made to resist any climate, and takes

only minimal maintenance. In the offer of fiberglass doors you will be able to find that some have a

real wood appearance but available for lower prices and makes it accessible to most budgets.


Wooden doors


Wood is a perfect option to consider if you are looking for your house to make a statement in the

entrance by having a handcrafted look. Even though the cost may be higher than other materials

we have reviewed, if the overall decoration of your property is rustic, country like, or has a need

for a warmer look, it will be the best option. Bear in mind that wood has a higher maintenance than

steel or fiberglass since you will have to check for repainting one time a year to keep it in perfect

condition to prevent wood from splitting or get affected or moist by weather.

Features to consider


When choosing an entry door you will need to consider some factors such as door configurations.

You can choose between a single door, or if wanted a double door to achieve twice the opening

space. By also adding sidelights you will create the illusion of a larger entry or add extra natural

light. Also choose if you want in swing doors (the usual type) or if preferred have it customized to be

out swing. This will depend on your space and comfort preferences.


Panel and glass types

When choosing to get custom entry doors with sidelights, you will have to select the panel type

you want to have added. This can be a full panel style or an insert, depending on the final look you

are looking to achieve. For glass, make sure you find the best type so your home is also energy

efficient. Some options are Low-E glass to improve energy efficiency and also have UV protection.

If you are concerned about storms, wind or safety, you can choose to add an impact-resistant glass

to your door. If your main concern about adding glass to your door is privacy, there is a big offer of

textured glass to make sure that you will get as much light and style as possible without revealing

anything from the inside of the house.




Some people may feel that glass makes the door look more vulnerable for thieves and burglars.

But that will depend mainly on the lock type you decide to get and by using resistant glass, or just

making sure that you add an extra lock to the door as far away from the panel as possible, so if the

burglar kicks in to open the door through the broken panel they won’t be able to get in. Make sure to

explain this concern when having a door specially designed for you, so it can be taken care of and

not affect the style you want.

Add style and value


By making an entrance particular and good designed you will automatically increase the value of

your home. Think that the first thing you see when you arrive to your house or anyone else’s is the

entrance. It has to make you feel welcome and by getting custom doors you are

going to get a warm look not only from the outside, but from the inside as well by receiving natural

light and having an extra window illusion to your place.

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