An exquisite environment: Wine cellar and pantry

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An exquisite atmosphere with antique furniture

Wine cellar and pantry

A room in the house can be special and sophisticated thanks to the presence of an old wine cellar rebuilt with the best options. The old wine cellars are excellent symbols that give an air of festivity and joy among friends constantly.

The atmosphere

Choose the place where you will locate the cellar is an important decision. The place you choose will surely space for family and friends gatherings. The large main spaces can be good, there cellars bring unity. Small rooms need smaller cellars because in that way they are still allows in the meeting between friends.

The use

The cellars and pantries served in ancient modernity to order wines and can also be used to locate fine dinnerware and crystal glasses. The use of wineries is huge. Everyone select the style that wants to add.

The design

The old wine cellar and pantry are designed with strength and unique style. The woods with the old cellars demonstrate strength, security and at the same time represent a way of seeing the world. The idea is that furniture should stand the test of time and remain unchanged.

The materials

The old wine cellar and pantry are made with the most noble and strong materials. They have a lot of strength and identity. The original materials are presented with more elegance and distinction and will vary according to the shape, the number of wines it can contain and the combinations presented.


The wineries that are completely made ​​of wood are the biggest and the toughest. They are very strong and Salvage Antiques in Anaheim restored them until leaving as fresh as new.


There are no wine cellars so far that are completely iron. This material is present in combination with wood. Amazing and very surprising styles are created. Combining wood with iron is stylish and also very strong after the restoration process.

Spirit of a wine cellar

A cellar or pantry is a symbol of a moment between friends. Represents shared joy and laughter. In every house that has a cellar will be a festive spirit or desire for a family reunion. The wineries also bring prestige and warmth.

Variety of wine cellars

The wineries are classified according to the number of bottles that can accommodate. They may be classified by the way in which the bottles are placed. There are curves and rectangular wine cellars. With or without doors. Small or large. A cellar can be the center of a whole room.

Where to locate

You have to choose where to locate the cellar with particular attention to the conditions of heat or cold environment. The wine cellars need a cool place for the wines remain in good condition for long

For what is a cellar

A cellar has wines from a family or home and expresses a history of drinking. Who like a good wine cannot do without this type of furniture that helps the preservation of the bottles and their contents.


Wine can be classified according to the components and having the time being. A cellar helps to sort and classify the beverages are stored there. The older the wine is better and why it is imperative to order it in a cabinet that has blank spaces for your location.


The wine cellars always inspire and foster a fun environment to share. With the unexpected arrival of a friend invited him to attend to the environment where the winery to choose which wine is your preference. No one can escape the smell of a good wine, so it is also a meeting place.

The antique cellars

Wine cellars may be many but the old cellars have a unique style that can be found in California and surprising strength. Also good restorations realize a history of pleasures through wine took place. A history of meetings, share and enjoy.

In Salvage Antiques, in Anaheim, California, you can discover the past expressed in a cellar and find the best antique ornaments that can complement the setting.

Traditional doors

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Doors are the first to be chosen for a simple house. But doors are not synonymous with simple. A door can be very interesting and very attractive.

Traditional doors in your house

Are you choosing doors for your home? You can find in Antiques Salvage doors throughout your home. Each room has the possibility to find the best door to match the room. A door opens your imagination to go very far in the design and style. Doors have elegant and with much distinction.

Traditional doors: the styles

There are many styles available within doors. You can find rectangular doors, arched doors, with glasses or without glasses. The important thing is to find the doors that have the style of your personality. It is good to choose a highly decorated door if all your settings are simple, it is not good to find a flat, very simple, if your rooms are filled with decorations.
Salvage Antiques doors are special to match rooms decorated with antiques. They have many varieties and designs in doors that can captivate you.
You can find doors wherever you want:

  • Doors Uk
  • Doors Toronto
  • Doors Melbourne
  • Doors Perth
  • Doors in Kerala
  • Doors Ireland
  • Doors Australia
  • Doors Glasgow
Traditional doors: the materials

When you choose a door first thing you have to think about is the material you want it to have. The best Anahein doors are made of antique wood.
In Salvage Antiques you can find old wooden doors in traditional style. The old wooden doors are also beautiful, impossible to obtain. So you have to find a place where old doors are restored with the best and quality restoration.
Doors in California have the seal of the highest quality.

Doors and windows

It’s very nice to combine environments and maintain a harmonious style environment. When you choose traditional antique doors, it is best to also look traditional windows to keep everything on.

Combining traditional doors and windows

How to combine doors and windows? The best way to combine is considering what you want to achieve in the environment. If you want to achieve a bright environment, it is best to combine doors and windows with plenty of windows for the passage of light is great.
If you want a more serious atmosphere, doors and windows solid wood will be the best choice.
Where to place the doors and traditional windows is also part of what you have to decide. If there are doors and windows next to each other is best to find a great combination to make it a unique and distinguished style.

The traditional style doors

Doors are the best choice for classic homes and for structured people. But they can also be chosen to change the style of a room or the front of a house.
If you choose a door for your house you also have to take into account the care needs that door. You have to take care of cleaning and installation. The old doors are strong and sturdy so you have to put up walls to present themselves in the best way.
In connection with the care, learn all of the very best restaurateurs, but, surely, you have to dedicate time to their care.

Complements for traditional doors

If you choose doors for your house and every room in your house you can also think of the combination and the environments you want to build as there is plenty of ideas that can make your special places environments.
First you have to find a good color for the walls so that your doors and windows enhance in traditional environments.
Secondly you can search old decorations that make it nice environments. Antique vases, paintings, small antique tables, a former winery and everything you want can be used to complete the setting.
In third place you must choose lighting for that room where the door is the traditional center. There are many antique lamps that you can find on Antiques and Salvage can close that and give a mysterious atmosphere and friendly environment.
To find that perfect home for your door you have to search in Anaheim, California, develops Antiques Salvage because there are the best designs and the best restore antiques for home decoration is a real party.
Just choose the design that you like for your home and your doors will choose you.

Sensational glass doors

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The sensational glass doors

The process of finding a door for your home can be easy or simple. Depends on where you search. You always have to first decide what type of door is the one you want. There are many styles of doors and varied forms. To find antique doors Salvage Antiques is best because they have lots of variety and the best quality.
Beautiful and new doors await you in Salvage Antiques and those combining wood with glass.

How are glass doors

Glass doors that you find in Salvage Antiques in Anaheim, are those that combine wood with glass. They may have glass almost completely or can have less glass.
Glass doors can be straight or curved. They can be single or double entry.
There are simple doors and some that have many aggregates. But in order to analyze its structure fine we will focus on each of these aspects:


The doors were created to generate light environments and splendor. Good design in a door is observed in the size of the windows that exactly combined with the proportion of wood the door has.


Often the doors are not simple mixtures of wood and glass but are behind an engineering process. There is a thoughtful and fine planned to achieve a specific purpose and can be a good way passage of light.


Glass doors look like works of art. The glasses are placed in surprising ways so similar to a work of art that responds to the creation of a piece that is constructed by author. Since the result is unique and unrepeatable, also this can be compared to art.


As the doors are created as a necessity, most doors are unique, they are unique and unrepeatable ways.
In the case of those found in Salvage Antiques are unique because they are extracted from old buildings and subsequently restored.
So besides a door you will have a lot of history in your home.

Where you can use the doors.

Doors are very useful in small environments to generate an intense passage of light. They can be good choice for rooms facing into a garden because that way you can take advantage of sunlight for longer.
If doors are used in corridors, room’s warm and comforting feeling light will be generated.

Who needs a door

All who want to have a brightly lit and pleasant home have to choose doors to some of their environments. Doors help provide a unit inside the house because they have such severe limits.

How to combine the doors

Glass doors can get an even stronger effect when combined with decorative objects made of glass. The light passing behind the doors will create a path of brightness across the decorative elements and your surroundings will have a special climate.

What is the style of the glass doors.

Glass doors, whether old, always generate an effect of an air of freshness and modernity. Most concentrated elegance and style distinction.

Decorative glass doors

They are doors that also contain a hand painted deeply artistic and decorative detail. They are sumptuous and elegant in the extreme. They maintain a unique and sophisticated style.

How are decorative glass doors:

Decorative doors differ doors that have a breakdown which makes them unique yet. Therefore, they can also be described under other criteria:


Decorative doors were created on the basis of taste or any particular design for a house, have a very clear and definite form will surely mark the style of any room where they are located.


Undoubtedly, decorative doors have a strong base of creativity. Playing with geometric shapes or have harmonious and dazzling flowers. They can also be combined with iron to complete designs.


If you love art you cannot stop looking decorative door for your home. Are expressions of an artistic soul and keep shades and expressly chosen forms.


You can never find a decorative door like another because all were created thinking in a given environment and precise construction. So if you find the door of your dreams in Salvage Antiques in California, do not let it escape.

Where you can use a decorative glass door.

Decorative doors can be the best options for any environment. These doors fill expression wherever they are located. They are very well appreciated in living rooms and in living rooms because, besides allowing the smooth passage of light, are to look at and admire.
Decorative doors must always be in places where people or passage of people because that beautiful style but representing lost.
You cannot have a decorative door and leave it in a place that no sunlight. The art of decorative doors only works if there is passage of light.
Therefore only advantage is if they are in contact with places where sunlight reaches perfectly.

In what places you can search for glass doors

Glass doors can be found in many places but to be true restorations of ancient doors must be sought in Anaheim, California. Only places that serve good restorations have to find the doors of your dreams because otherwise you can find doors that break easily and are not originally ancient or historical.
So there will be doors everywhere.

Doors en Brooklyn
Doors in San Antonio
Doors in San Francisco
Doors in Chicago
Doors in San Diego
Doors in Miami
Doors in Houston
Doors in Toronto
Doors in Atlanta
You have to find the door will close your surroundings with perfect style and a nice design. Decorative glass doors are also excellent choice for a touch of class to an environment that so far did not present much or did not have a defined personality.

The second step will bring the room in which you include the glass door to the rest of the elements combine and give a nice look, neat and elegant.

Search for glass doors in Salvage Antiques is an adventure.

Fabulous entry doors

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The front door must show its own style. The door is the symbol of the family entry and comfort. Decide which the best door is for your home is not a simple task. You have to take many aspects into account and also you have to think of that you cannot replace easily. It is desirable not to replace the gateway because it provides identity. Some people know your house by the entry door.

How to choose an entry door.

To choose an entry door for your home you have to contemplate several aspects. If you forget any of these aspects you will not find the door that best suits you. The traditional entry doors give your home a majestic air. If you choose an ancient entry door you will also have access to a passage from the story.
Pay attention to these aspects to find the old entrance door of your dreams:

Form: you have to decide how you want or need for your door. The shape can be curved or straight, rectangular or squarer.

Size: you can choose from a wide or narrow door, large or small. You can also choose if you want to be double or single entry.

Material: the front doors materials vary but surely if you want an old door you have to choose who are wooden. The old restored wood is firm and shows splendor. It is also a symbol of strength through the years.

Tips for choosing an entry door

When you have to decide which is the door that will best represent the world as your face, you can consider some aspects that will surely help you to choose the door that best fits in that environment entry for your house.

Environment adjustment

Every house has an atmosphere and style. You have to find the door that best matches the rest of the decor of the house. In Salvage Antiques in Anaheim you will find the best variety of gateways you can imagine. A lot of door to choose the best decorations so surely you find the model that is best for your home.


With the entrance door not you only look for decor. Also the entrance door can be chosen as a symbol of security and is therefore a good option find the stronger gates.


There are gates that are true works of art. They have details that make them decorative turned wood pieces or combined with iron.

Double entry doors: many options


If you choose double entry doors have available to you various styles.

Arched doors

The arched double entry doors provide a unique, fun and cheerful style. They are very strong and some of these arched doors have iron details that inspire antiquity

Solid doors

They are rectangular but double entry doors that give strength and distinction. They are chosen for large inputs to large spaces.

Iron insert doors

Double entry doors that can combine wood with iron. Demonstrate strength and elegance. They worked iron that is decorative and splendid.

Single entry doors


These are the doors that have one piece but can be incredibly impressive and strong.

Arched and side lights

The single entry doors can be arched and stray light. They are special and you can find these beautiful entry doors in California

Solid doors

They are firm and elegant doors.

Iron insert doors

Iron combined with wood that provides distinction.
Entry door exist for everyone: Mexicali doors, with sidelights, with glass.
Look for entry door for sale in Salvage Antiques.

Search in Anaheim, California the doors will close your home with the best quality.

Custom doors for every need

Custom doors for every need

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Which is your dream door?

Often happens that you want a design of a door thay may be is no one of the ones you find in the shops. It might be a door that you always dreamed with or the one that better represents the place you have.
Searching for a custom door is also linked with the project of creating a special atmosphere and generally has to do with classical antique style atmospheres. When looking from old doors do not always find that one that really fits the space you have, so the service offered in Salvage Antiques of custom doors is perfect.

What does it take to create a door by request?


With much dedication and with the security of a good outcome, Salvage Antiques have the ability to create a door with the design you want to just by showing a picture of the form and structure.
You can take photos on a walk you do to the most wonderful antique doors and then have one in your home with only request the manufacturing to the Salvage Antiques team.


Nothing is impossible for Salvage Antiques, therefore, they can also generate a door with a simple drawing or a sketch of how you imagine or remember seeing it. With this only data the door you always wanted to be manufactured with the best materials and the most precise configuration can be done.

How do you take your dream door reality?

It begins with a design that is made based on a photograph or any other draw. Dimensions and materials are agreed according to the embodiment is seeking. Dream doors can be a reality with a handmade construction using antique materials from which you can find irons, woods and structures.

Material quality

Custom doors are made with original materials and old underwent major reconstruction and preservation processes so they keep all the best of old style and giving strength to the new construction. The iron combines with wood in countless designs and shapes. The old structures contribute to the doors are not bent or deformed.
You can also add or use materials such as lead or glass hand painted. The incorporation of glass can give an amazing and unique style.

Who can apply for custom doors?

All who wish may request custom doors. There is always someone in California who is looking for a striking design and Salvage Antiques will be responsible to bring it to reality.
All products are of high quality, produced after research and accurate historical replicas. Can be therefore double entry doors, interior doors or individual may be prepared for the most demanding tastes.

Doors products everywhere:

With 25 years of experience in the production of architectural pieces, doors as well as windows or floors, Salvage Antiques provides your important work to Anaheim, but may also use them, owners seeking:

· Custom doors in Brooklyn
· Custom doors in San Antonio
· Custom doors in San Francisco
· Custom doors in Chicago
· Custom doors in San Diego
· Custom doors in Miami
· Custom doors in Houston
· Custom doors in Toronto
· Custom doors in Atlanta

Why custom doors?

Custom doors are an excellent choice to generate innovative, attractive, sophisticated and special environments. They have an excellent finish and outstanding durability.
The method of production is because their ancient manufacturing is the main and only way of clothing.
Find in Anaheim, California Salvage Antiques places like building with excellence, the door you want is really a decent living situation.

What does an old door?

Being able to make custom doors is also believe that all dreams are possible, that all you can think, devise or imagine, just keep it in mind is feasible to perform.

Having old materials in the doors of a house is also introducing the story of those materials and thus had to feel part of an environment with more depth and hierarchy.

brooklyn – doors San Antonio – doors San Francisco – doors Chicago

style Vintage wood floors.

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Find the traces of history in the engineered wood floors.

To dream of a wooden floor as used in palaces is possible because Salvage Antiques make floors with proper manufacturing and willingness.
The engineered wood floors that are produced have a unique style and reproduce old forms and styles of great value and permanence throughout history.

Benefits of vintage wood floors:

They are highly recommended because they allow a very detailed work on the ground and give excellent results decorative and ambience.
They can be glued directly on wood or concrete, so they are also a very good choice for not lifting the entire floor above at the time of the renovation or for direct application.
The treatment given to the vintage wood floors prepare them for high resistance to moisture. There are special places where the degrees of humidity are high and for those places this vintage wood floors are an excellent option. They are also a good choice for areas with little air or places where you need to run the air.

Features hardwood floors engineering:

There are floors of different widths and thicknesses according to different tastes and needs. They may have developed in hardwoods or exotic woods in which you can look how the time goes over.
When the wood was already treated, the floor cannot be worn again or varnished. That because terminations performed in Salvage Antiques is of such quality that remains many years.
Duration of engineered wood floors:
The duration of the story depends on what is given but usually ranges from 20 to 30 years. Thicker floors may reach 40 years or longer unalterable quality.
What use can be given to a wood floor?
Wood floors are naturally warm and comfortable because they create a nice and beautiful space. They are resorted to use for bedrooms because of the ability of wood to isolate the cold and heat containment.
Today the fashion trends use wood floors for livings or as details are chosen in a marble floor or to the entire surface of an apartment or loft. Why? Because wood and even wood floors that have been treated engineering, minimize maintenance requirements and the procedure for techniques that have received makes them more durable.
Hardwood floors engineering look great combined with antiques and especially those who receive good restorations that are made within Salvage Antiques.
In California you can find the best engineered wood floors with others lots of antiques that will serve you to imagine a new space with just a glance.
It is impossible not to link the floors engineered wood with the time they were generated and think about how to revive the story or move those steps.

Those who know about floors, choose decor engineered wood floors. Why?

When you want to create a distinctive and quality environment, stylish furniture can give the desired searched image. If the antique furniture is the most attractive for you, then you can create an excellent combination with old wooden floors, well reconstructed and preserved.
Engineered wood flooring can be also used for modern environments to which you want to give a touch of class. They look exotic and are very decorative.

Qualities of floors:

To choose which floor you need for your home you have to decide first how much will be the transit industry that there will be. While all engineered wood floors have high strength, the difference in thickness will be decisive when making the final determination.
High traffic floors are commonly chosen to malls or business sectors where people often pass during all the day.

Benefits of Salvage Antiques

When you think about using wood floor engineering must be very careful not to fall into bad restorations that offer no resistance or products quality.
A good treatment on wood floors in Anaheim you will find in Salvage Antiques. A good care for wood doesn’t require subsequent proceedings because wood keeps with the same way they are the first day of its use.
What are the fingerprints that are going to move it’s your decision and you should always keep in mind to target services. In the state of California, in the city of Anaheim, Salvage Antiques is top.

Vintage wood floor tiles

Enjoy the magic of old style French doors

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Old doors are used to refinish a room with elegance because they were made ​​with good materials that enhance the modern constructions. A decorated room with an old door is also a trip to an important part of the history for its architecture and decoration. Among the ancient gates we can find many styles and shapes. There are ones of single or double entry, with or without glass and so many alternatives. There is always an old door that fits what you like and has the shape that you want to close an environment.

Suggestions to choose the best door for your entry:

How to choose which is the best door to a house depends on many factors including the space that is available and the location of the front door. For big spaces, double entry doors are suggested. Besides being beautiful, are robust and allow enhance the decor of the entrance. But if you don´t have many space single entry doors are the best choice although there are also large so you can calmly compete in size with some of the double entry doors. The location of the house is also critical to choose the materials that the door is built. Is not the same door that connects directly to the street than anyone that you need when you have a previous road before getting it. For further gateways street it can be used with great achievement the French style we will describe proximately.

Suggestions to choose the best door for interior:

Choose a door to the interior can be done without complications because there are not so many inhibitions to choose a particular door and not another. For interior, doors can be ornamental and match the style of the backgrounds. If you need to separate two rooms and you don´t need a solid separation you can choose a door that combine wood with glass, or decorative doors, o many others because there are a lot of options. Is very important to decide how vital that door will be. It means if you are going to leave there as a decoration object or if you really need the door to make privacy.

How to create a royal environment

A good environment is achieved through fair and logical distribution of furniture and complemented with good decor and details that enhance function of any particular desire. When we look for antique products for a room is likely to be taken into mind images of majestic or classics environments. Old doors at its original position may not belong to environments of outstanding importance or sophistication, but in its passage through time they bring testimony of that history has left them. So back to its place of access to houses or rooms they have a new imprint and dignity. In this way a simple room can just change because of the presence of an antique door that adds great value.

What gives a French door?

To improve the clarity of a room or to give light to a room that does not have, antique French doors are the perfect choice. French doors are those that usually combined a double entry made of wood with glass. Doors adopt certain functions conferred on the windows because they allow the passage of bright and play with combinations of colors, lights and darks.

Why old French doors are excellent options

- They give amplitude to the surroundings because they have the opportunity to let light through.

- Combine wood with glass, especially old ones, and some keep the classic setup but combining glass with other materials.

- Provide any room decor and acclimatize however small ones.

- They bring style and strength for its good composition.

They have a smartness adaptable to many other home furnishings.

Origen of old doors

French doors are called by their origin, which is logically France. Then spread internationally in the processes of world conquest and finally established for the quality and practicality of its form and scheme. Two doors are in the center, composed of rectangular windows that extend the full length of the two doors up the style called French. They were created in order to give life to small blind rooms on the 18th century in France. They were also planned to reduce energy consumption. So always they continue being associated with that saving function but today we know how much they do for home decoration.

We can combine the old doors?

Old doors can be used both in big and small places. In rooms of small size can generate a sense of bigness through the passage of light. The light entering the room through the rectangular glasses of the door makes de closer environments to seem bigger. The French antique doors used in great spaces or more apertures highly complementary because they provide a spatial dimension unmatched by multiplying the effects of light and attractive clarity.

Tips to adapt de use of French doors.

- If the room is small should put an old door with additional glasses. If the atmosphere is great with half of the door containing glass is enough.
  • Customize the design of the French door with a similar window and you will create an environment of great harmony.
  • Choose first the color of your door and then select the furniture and other accessories in the room. It’s good that at least there is an element that matches the color of the door frame.
  • Old doors are decorated in themselves but if you want to regulate the passage of light you can add some light curtains in accord with the rest of the furniture.
  • Look for a good handle. If you have chosen old doors that have some detail in iron, the handle must coordinate with it.

The vintage style

You’ve probably heard of the vintage style and how it works on the decor and atmosphere of modern backgrounds. Something that formerly had been declared old-fashioned can be well used in the vintage perspective because thanks to this proposed restoration and reuse of old materials is valued very positively because the old products have to be followed praising dignity .

Decorating with vintage

Those who adopt the vintage as a style can find great pleasure during the search and capture of materials that can be considered vintage. You need always use good sources as Salvage Antiques. Good sources of restoration have a space well organized and consistent with the quality of the products they work with.

The Vintage style in old doors

The classic style of French doors with double entry and its combination of rectangular glasses with different materials has been used in modern buildings and remains. However, the old doors that have these designs are best achieving that vintage effect that categorizes and provides an environment of quality. The French antique doors with good restoration process are the best you can choose for your rooms.

Vintage everywhere!

Doors from different nationalities:

The old doors internationally are a manifestation of good taste and distinction. As former French doors marked a trend, there are antique doors from other regions that also captivate by their designs and styles.

Mexican Antique Doors

-Classic-style and less rigid.

The Mexican Antique Doors feature classic but original, less rigid designs that Europeans and very friendly to the look. Special supplements are relaxed and youthful environments.

Indian Antique Doors

- They are the quintessential eastern doors.

They have their particles much of the story in which they were created and show strength and quality. His restorations allow enjoying the original brightness with which they were built.

- Abound in decor and style.

They have a unique decor of a typical retailer and captivating look. The passage by an Indian Antique door is a journey of fantasy and magic.

Antique Spanish Doors

- Marked by the Strength and decoration.

They are impassable, strong and sturdy doors. Owners of deep breath, enclose and contain secret thoughts.

- With a lot of details and meanings.

Stand facing Antique Spanish Door is facing a work of art. Are often overloaded with details and embellishments that allow up stories and pass the time in search of the context in which they were created. Convey stability and permanence. Choose an old door, or a Mexican antique door, or an Indian antique door, or a Spanish antique door and get impress of all this quality and history that you are about to meet.

where can i find antique doors

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Understand how vintage fashion is.

The vintage fashion has been installed and greatly within our options when we decide to build or remodel our homes. The spirit that provides searching antique things for our homes goes even beyond mere aesthetics and unique decor.

Why look for older products?

When fashion vintage or retro shocked the world the first view that was held express that the decision to buy an old door, for example, had the ultimate goal of finding a quaint alternative and the break with the modern paradigm. However, when time goes, this fashion to find items for our present daily life in antiquity was finally installed to stay. So we have now to think what inspire or generate antiques.

The charisma of an antique:

Search for antique doors for decoration or construction, also tables or ornaments, brings with it a desire to reconstruct the history of restoration of harmony, commitment and cordiality with which all those designs and components were generated.
The durability over time of an element gives clear indication of their strength and vigor with which it was created.
Nobody can deny that when an antique roll back to the past, provides some calm and also marks in any way because, something that stood erect and flimsy so long, surely has much to teach.

What gives you an antique?

Antiques are highly sought after to give a touch of exclusivity to an environment or a gateway to a home. The reconstruction of the old pieces is an unique and unrepeatable process, that´s why the door or the object you will acquire are quite distant from the original mass productions to which today we are accustomed.
Mostly furniture, but mostly antique doors are strong and pregnancy rates. Provide an imposing presence and dominate the look in the place where they are.
Antiques also give the hope of a restoration of order and are associated with the idea that the ​​looking to the past can improve this openly.
The entrance of a house is what provides the greatest stability for everything that happens then inside and also determines the way we choose to go into a house, that´s why an antique door at the outside is also planning a way of life and a perspective from which to live.

How to choose a door that fits your outdoor construction?

Some of these guidelines may serve you to decide:

1. You have to prioritize, of course, first, the space that accounts for the location of the door.

2. You must consider whether you want a simple entry door or double door entrance.

3. You have to decide if you like it to be only solid wood or if complemented by glasses or iron.

4. You need to choose how complex or simple want to be the door you’ll find.

Where to find old doors?

The search for antique products for building homes can be a large and complex or simple and rewarding task, depending on where you start from the search.
Before, in order to find the furniture line with your tastes and needs you had to start a tour of at least three or four fairs per weekend or resort to yard sales.

Why yard sales products are not always recommended?

When you urged the purchase of a product, such as a door or enclosure, you need to find one that will quickly help for the completion of the construction site.
Imagine the disappointment that can generate you to find the door you’ve always dreamed but shabby. This action can finish your project faster than you think because it will create a bad feeling to think that is not easily to find an old product with the quality you expect.
Besides complicating you with a significant loss of time, not just because what you found was not to your liking, but even more because you traveled streets and streets unnecessarily.
Buy antique doors can be a task of the most charming and now we´ll see how.

Where to find effectively the real ones antique doors?

An antique product quality and value is acquired not only because its time in history but also about the process of care, renovation and restoration.
Antique restoration is not an easy task and has to be developed in the hands of those who know how to do it because any person that engaged wrongly on antique products or in a wrong way, will lead inevitably to its destruction.
When working with products of great historical meaning, the intervention on them should be maintained and guarded and must be in the hands of those who actually know what to do, because in that way all values ​​remain intact.

There are places like that greatly facilitate the task of finding an antique door as well as many similar products.

Why Antiques Salvage is the best choice?

The world of antiques has codes and requirements, nooks and criteria to meet in order to proceed safely without falling into failure or poor procedures. Therefore, look for entities that have years dealing with the recovery and care of older products, is one of the best options.
There you will know that the product that you like was really well kept and conditioning and, therefore, retains its old virtues intact and further ennobled.
In addition, the delicacy with which they work on rebuilding antique doors is unmatched and at the same time, a must.

What options offers Salvage Antiques?

Inside Salvage Antiques you’ll find options for not only the gateway to your home but also for the rest of the rooms, so you can afford to design stylish and sensibly for all environments under a single proposal.

There are many alternatives and proposals that you can find:

- Double entry doors

They are the ones for that need more space and are often used as gateways to the home. They give a majestic view and present with robustness and strength. Those who select this type of door for their homes are looking for a nice personality profile to the front of their homes.

- Single Entry Doors

There are many different types and formats. They vary widely in size and material so please stop in front of each of them to decide which is best linked to the idea you have about what your home is or wants to express. Single entry doors can more easily adapt to the spaces with you have beforehand.

- Glass Doors

The wooden doors that combine glass generated a contribution of style and distinction. They are usually chosen to internal rooms and not primarily to provide direct access to the street. As a second gateway can be an excellent choice. Glass doors provide classic and cool style. Are also deeply decorative. The designs may have are endless so you have to go in search of the best link to your home project.

- Decorative glass doors

Are themselves works of art and observation spaces. Decorative glass doors open the way to the imagination and style because, as they allow mostly, the passage of light, allow the game with light and shadow, as well as the degree of soft or strong color. They are a real option to give uniqueness to a room while complementing the style of the place.

Unique designs, undamaged materials, classic decorations, majestic projects, so a thousand possibilities offered by antique doors and objects of yesteryear. It sounds strange but they revitalize largely because they bring in each of its particles much of the spirit that were built and commitment with which they were preserved.
Emblems of perseverance and strength, rustic doors help strengthen own styles and to continue providing attractive spaces filled with history. And continue, from another perspective, building homes, giving closure to the buildings and thus preserving the passage between the walls and the emergence of the adventures of a given society.

where can i find antique doors

Iron doors and windows

Unique, exclusive and original designs on doors and windows of old iron.

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To find an iron door or window among the innumerable designs and old formats that there can be in the catalogues of antiques shops is very interesting. It’s amazing the amount of rustic and modern irons doors that can be found in, for example, the catalog of Salvage Antiques, and the designs are so attractive that it is often difficult to choose the best for our taste.

Iron designs have a deep quality hand forged labor so they results as trues works of art.

Iron doors and windows

Iron doors

They are stunning and profound strength. Specially used in open spaces they create a sophisticated atmosphere and great decor. Generally combined with natural spaces they make a pleasing composition combining with the air.

When the iron doors are used inside the home, they are set in environments without the need of establishing separate major divisions.

Iron windows

They can be used for open gardens and dreamed to create environments with a unique and antique style. In combination with iron doors, iron windows create a feeling of strength and hardiness in the environments. The windows of modern or old iron also provide protection because they give a strong and secure seal at any opening home.
Decorating rooms with iron details
We can say that iron sets well in most of the spaces. Combining the iron is possible and easy to do. Beside the wood, iron gives a very nice and cozy country style feeling. When iron is combined with glass creates fresh and elegant atmosphere. Also iron can be colored with simple treatments to generate a pleasant and consistent shade with the rest of the environments.
Exclusivity on models of hand forged iron
The models of hand forged iron and are exclusive retailers. Their details link directly with those hands that shaped it, and over time, the doors or windows of manufactured iron remain unchanged. A polished simple, a simple cleaning and restoring the original properties of iron are some of the treatments that these objects may require.

Look for iron doors and windows in the catalog of Salvage Antiques, is an attractive trip you have to go into.

There you will find not only the variety but the great quality of the products exposed there.
Approaching those who really know antiques treatment is an unavoidable task because they provide warranty for products, not just rebuilding but also its permanence and scope for many more years.

The beauty of iron doors and windows is one of the few pleasures that remain unchanged despite the passage of time.

Iron doors and windows