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Working on the doors during a restoration can be very frustrating. Is for that we give you some of our best tips to make it easier for you.

With some time patience and the knowledge to pick the correct materials you can turn that ugly door in a beautiful renovated door... we'll help you


Our Best Tips To Make It Easier For You
Always use high quality materials for your projects so your doors will look good longer. Top quality, 100% acrylic exterior trim paints or marine varnish have excellent durability and color retention.
Top quality alkyd paints can also be used. These paints have excellent adhesion, but may fade sooner.

Oversized doors. In addition to the standard height of 6 foot 8 inches, oversized front doors are available in 8-foot heights or larger, with enlarged widths. An option is to order a custom-made door, ready to install at your measurements. This give you the easiest way to get your door work done in a really short time.

Front door fabrications (including various grains of wood and wrought iron) can be treated to a fresh coat of exterior paint, resulting in an innovative transformation through the use of color! Think outside the box when exploring color selections for the exterior front door. For instance, visualize not only traditional black on an iron door, but consider eye- catching newcomers such as antique bronze, pewter or burnished gold.

Interesting front door design details include squared or arched styles.
Distinctive designs can be hand carved into the interior or exterior of wooden doors. Stained glass inserts can be set into wood to produce a unique design, as well as accommodating natural incoming light. Full pane glass doors surrounded by wood or iron are ideal choices for dark front entrances or homeowners desiring a greater abundance of light.

There are numerous creative ways to enhance an existing front door. By replacing existing hardware, the door style can be altered to spotlight a decorative finish or distinctive theme. Contemporary locksets and handle sets add beauty and elegance to the front entrance, converting an often-nondescript door into a stylish focal point.

Prior to tackling a front door makeover, do-it-yourselfers may wish to consider consulting appropriate sections of paintquality.com, shelter magazines and books, paint swatch cards or paint professionals for assistance with exterior paint type and color selection to ensure an attractive and quality front entrance.
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