An ideal way to have easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation area, a MOSER wood-alu hinged patio door is both versatile and functional. A pair of hinged patio doors with sidelites is an elegant design statement, and either opened or closed, will prove to be a visual attractive part of your home.

  • Three sealing strips
    The primary sealing is mulit-cavity composite duckbilled rubber, which lap 3.5MM with the heat.
    Insulation strip to guarantee the whole tightness increasing the water cavity's height to 14mm.
    Enhance water tightness. Mulit-cavity structure design improve heat insulation performance.
    Multiple cavity design, improve the insulation performance.
  • Outside sealing rubber-Upper of frame use isobaric strip, connect with outside to form isobaric cavity and then enhence the water tightness. Left, right, bottom use eaves flashing rubber to proof water and dist.
  • Inside sealing rubber-EPDM foam design, foam design ensure 2mm lapped then the sash closed and will not rebound. 6mm lapped between frame and sash and 1mm hinge base gurantee the air tightness.
  • The strip wich support the glass and under the silicone, use silicone to prevent trunning yellow under long time ultraviolet radiation.