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Our vintage door hardware, like our antique doors themselves, is all derived from salvaged materials. Our antique hinges, for instance, may have hung on the door of a Queen’s quarters. Our antique door latch may have helped guard jewels. Our antique lock hardware may have helped protect artists and poets from thieves and looters. Cremone bolts, locks and latches once held windows and doors secure on the homes of our ancestors. When you salvage history, which is what we do, there is no telling what your doors would say if given the chance to speak. 
Amighini Architectural antique door hardware complements your antique, architectural, vintage and restored doors. We offer antique hinges, antique door latches, antique lock hardware, and antique hardware pulls. Our selection of unique door hardware helps your antique doors look as luxurious and elegant as possible. 

Our architectural door hardware is a part of history. It comes from castles and coliseums from museums and estates. It come from a time when doors where not simply pieces of wood you opened and closed; doors were pieces of art.

Whether you visit us online or in person, Amighini Architectural will be able to show you several vintage door hardware pieces that can complement your home.

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