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Items 300 to 350 of 1571 total
Hardware Entry Doors Hinges Bronze 6202 | HM-6202
Hardware Interior Doors Hinges Bronze 6215 | HM-6215
Hardware Entry Doors Hinges Bronze 6220 | HM-6220
Hardware Entry Doors Hinges Bronze 6235 | HM-6235
Hardware Mortise Lock Set Bronze 6360 | HM-6360
Hardware Entry Doors Hinges Bronze 6256 | DHA-6256
Hardware Knocker Bronze 6142 | DHS-6142
Hardware Knocker Bronze 6146 | DHS-6146
Hardware Knocker Silver Bronze 6148 | DHS-6148
Hardware Mail Slot Bronze 6190 | DHS-6190
Hardware Mail Slot Bronze 6191 | DHS-6191
Hardware Levers Set Bronze 6434 | DHS-6434
Hardware Levers Set Bronze 6436 | DHS-6436
Hardware Levers Set Bronze 6450 | DHS-6450
Hardware Knobs Set Bronze 6456 | DHS-6456
Hardware Doorknocker Bronze 6174 | HO-6174
Hardware Doorknocker Silver Bronze 6175 | HO-6175
Hardware Doorknocker Bronze 6176 | HO-6176
Hardware Back Plate Bronze | HO-6478
Hardware Accesories Bronze 6482 | HO-6483
Hardware Accesories Bronze 6494 | HO-6494
Hardware Pull Bronze 6042 | DHH-6042
Hardware Pull Silver Bronze 6053 | DHH-6053
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6078 | DHS-6078
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6080 | DHS-6080
Hardware Pull Silver Bronze 6083 | DHS-6083
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6084 | DHS-6084
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6085 | DHS-6085
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6086 | DHS-6086
Hardware Pull Silver Bronze 6091 | DHS-6091
Hardware Pull Bronze 6098 | DHS-6098
Hardware Pull Bronze 6101 | DHA-6101
Hardware Pull Bronze 6102 | DHA-6102
Hardware Pull Bronze 6108 | DHS-6108
Hardware Pull Bronze 6109 | DHS-6109
Hardware Pull Bronze 6110 | DHA-6110
Hardware Pull Bronze 6122 | HP-6122
Door Accessories | DHS-6124a
Hardware Pull Bronze 6124c | DHS-6124c
Hardware Pull Bronze 6068a | DHA-6068a
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6136 | DHA-6136
Hardware Levers Set Bronze 6442 | DHS-6442
Hardware Mail Slot Pull Bronze 6117 | DHS-6117
Polished Bronze Cremone Lock | DHS-6302
Style Ring Box Cremone Locks Polished Bronze | DHS-6307b
Bronze Cremone Lock Style Ring Box | DHS-6308b
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6118 | DHS-6118
Exterior Dummy Handle | DHS-6471
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6472 | DHS-6472
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6714 | DHS-6714
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6715 | DHS-6715
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6718 | HH-6718
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6719 | DHS-6719
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6720 | HH-6720
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6727 | DHS-6727
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6730 | DHS-6730
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6731 | DHS-6731
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6761 | DHS-6761
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6762 | DHS-6762
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Silver Bronze 6711 | DHS-6711
Hardware Exterior Dummy Handles Bronze 6710 | DHS-6710
Hardware Mail Slot Bronze 6192 | DHS-6192
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6500 | DHA-6500
Hardware Ring Bell Silver Bronze 6500d | DHA-6500d
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6501 | DHS-6501
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6505 | DHS-6505
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6509 | DHS-6509
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6510 | DHS-6510
Hardware Ring Bell Bronze 6511 | DHS-6511
Antique Bronze Door Bell | DHS-6513
Hardware Knobs Set Bronze 6443 | DHS-6443
Door Accessories | HLK-6444
Hardware Knobs Set Bronze 6447 | DHS-6447
Door Accessories | DHS-6448
Hardware Knobs Set Bronze 6763 | DHS-6763
Hardware Pull Bronze 6137 | HP-6137
Hardware Back Plate Bronze 6476 | HO-6476
Hardware Back Plate Silver Bronze 6476b | HO-6476b
Hardware Back Plate Bronze  6476c | HO-6476c
Hardware Back Plate Bronze 6477 | HO-6477
Hardware Back Plate Silver Bronze 6477b | HO-6477b
Hardware Back Plate Bronze 6477c | HO-6477c
Hardware Back Plate Bronze 6478b | HO-6478b
Hardware Back Plate Bronze 6493 | HO-6493
Hardware Back Plate Nikel Bronze | HO-6479
Hardware Accesories Bronze 6498 | HO-6498
Restored Single Entry Door Wrought Iron Inserts 12 | CDWP-A1223CA
Antique Cast Iron Stove From Europe 125040 | UIFI-5040
Cast Iron Stove From Europe 125041 | UIFI-5041
Antique Cast Bronze Stove From Europe 125042 | UIFI-5042
Wooden Leaded Glass Door | DGDSE-4491
Wooden Leaded Glass Door | DGDSE-4495
Wooden Leaded Glass Door | DGDSE-4492
Single Entry Door Raised Panels 1535 | WSESD-1535
Wrought Iron Balcony 2206 | IBF-2206
French Hand Forged Wrought Iron Panel 2098 | IBF-2098
Wrought Iron Piece Hand Forged 2021 | IBF-2021
Hand Forged Iron Antimony Inserts 2226 | IBF-2226
Wrought Iron Door Hand Forged 2002 | IDO-2002
Double Entry Door Made Wrought Iron 2077 | IDG-2077
Half Round Wrought Iron Door 2105 | IDO-2105
Stained Painted Glass Skylight 4119 | SGS-4119
Antique Interior Door Lite Panels Transom | GDFD-A1145
Tall Interior Door Transom A1168 | GDFD-A1168
Prehung Double Window With Transom | WD-A1152
Window Wooden A1155 | WD-A1155
Wooden Double Window With Rough Glass | WD-A1156
Window Double Wooden Transom A1157 | WD-A1157
Wrought Iron Chandelier Crystal Work 3169 | UIL-3169
Antique Single Entry Door Sidelights A1142 | WSEAS-A1142
Double Entry Door Half Round Top Transom | WEAD-1585
Double Entry Door Sidelights Panels 141915 | WEID-1915
Amazing Double Entry Door Art Deco Style 14a1716 | WEAD-A1716
Back Plate | HO-6496
Restored Single Entry Door Sidelights | WSEAS-1994
Salvaged Pointed Arch Door Stained Glass 14.a1706 | WSEAS-A1706
Hand Painted Double Door Made In Iron | DGDHP-4444
Leaded And Hand Painted Glass Panel Made In Iron 1 | SGP-4472
Tall Patio Door Half Round Transom | GDFD-A1726
Floor Mosaics Border Tiles 7020 | ATF-7020
Leaded Glass Door Made In Iron 4526 | DGDSE-4526
Leaded Glass Door Made In Iron 4527 | DGDSE-4527
Incredible Tall Italian Door Round Top Transom | WEAD-1648
Double Entry Door Made Oak Wood 14a1396 | WEID-A1396
Wrought Iron Balcony 16 | IBF-16
Wrought Iron Balcony 029 | IBF-29
Beautiful Balcony Bronze Handrail 058 | IBF-58
Wrought Iron Balcony 390 | IBF-390
Wrought Iron Balcony 689 | IBF-689
Hardware Entry Doors Hinges Bronze | HM-6222a
Wrought Iron Balcony 2000aaa | IBF-2000AAA
Small Piece Balcony 2000m | IBF-2000M
Wrought Iron Balcony 2000o | IBF-2000O
Wrought Iron Balcony 2000p | IBF-2000P
Amazing Single Entry Door Mint Condition A0020 | WSEID-A0020CA
Restored Semi Arch Double Entry Door | WEAD-A1479
Wooden Flooring Oak Antique Salvage 3328 | WF-3328
Wooden Flooring Oak Antique Salvage 3327 | WF-3327
Leaded And Hand Painted Glass Skyligths | SGP-4550
Leaded And Hand Painted Glass Skyligth Made In Iro | SGS-4551
Hand Forged Wrought Iron Ww02 | IDG-ww02
Interior Arched Stained Glass Door 1174 | WEAD-1174
Stunning Interior Door Made In Solid Oak Wood 1568 | GDFD-1568
Leaded And Hand Painted Glass Panel Made In Iron 1 | SGP-4442
Wooden Leaded Glass Door 17a1873 | DGDSE-A1873
Salvaged Single Entry Door With Peephole A1865 | WSESD-A1865
Statue Hand Carved Marble Jc122 | DVAC-JC122
Wrought Iron Brackets 143332 | IA-3332
Antique Double Entry Door Art Noveau 1412j | WEAD-1412J
Stained Glass Door 17a1858 | DGDHP-A1858
Stained Glass Door 17a1859 | DGDSE-A1859
Window Single Wooden A1933 | WD-A1933
Wrought Iron Hunging Lamp 3389 | UIL-3389
Wrought Iron Door 2134 | IDO-2134
Salvage Double Entry Door Hand Carved 1039 | WEID-1039
Wrought Iron Balcony 2035 | IBF-2035
Hand Forged Balcony 2149 | IBF-2149
Wrought Iron Wall Sconces Two Lights 200 | UIL-200
Antique Encaustic Mosaics Floor | ATF-7110
Restored Interior Door Transom A1804 | GDFD-A1804
French Interior Door Transom A1797 | GDFD-A1797
Extra Tall Entrance Door | WEAD-B1052
Amazing Lot Of French Style Doors | GDFD-A1932a
Art Nouveau Stunning Double Entry Door | WEAD-B1036CA
Window Triple Wooden Eyebrow Top | SGW-A1191
Antique Interior Door Raised Panels B1093 | GDFD-B1093
Antique Mirror Hand Carved Beveled Glass 5077 | UIM-5077
Leaded And Hand Painted Glass Panel Made In Iron 4 | SGS-4631
Antique Mirror Hand Carved Beveled Glass 5078 | UIM-5087
Hardware Knobs Set Silver Bronze 6456b | DHS-6456b
Bronze Chandelier Ceiling Cover 900a | UIL-900a
Bronze Chandelier Ceiling Cover 900b | UIL-900b
Hardware Accesories Bronze 6494b | HO-6494b
Window Wooden Round Top | WD-A1881cCA
Solid Wooden Door Iron Inserts 18a1083 | WEID-A1083
Rounded Entry Door Stained Glass 18b1116 | WEAD-B1116
Floor Mosaics Encaustics | ATF-7130a
Floor Mosaics Encaustics 187130b | ATF-7130b
Floor Mosaics Encaustics 187131a | ATF-7131a
Floor Mosaics Encaustics | ATF-7131b
Antique Lot 29 Single Interior Door P102 | WI-P-102
Patio Door Arched Transom | GDFD-A1715CA
Large Double Entrance Gate A1806 | WESD-A1806
Double Entry Door B1112 | WESD-B1112
Double Entry Door B1140 | WEID-B1140
Double Entry Door With Amazing Details | WESD-A1747
Double Entry Door With Sideligths A1788 | WEID-A1788
Double Entry Door Transom Long Panels | WESD-B1039
Double Entry Door A1990 | WEID-A1990
Interior Door Hand Painted Details B1170 | WI-X1743
Encaustic Floor Mosaics 7142 | ATF-7142
Encaustic Floor Mosaics 7134 | ATF-7134
Round Top Window And Blue Colored Glass | SGW-B1057a
Round Top Window And Blue Colored Glass B1057b | SGW-B1057b
Single Entry Door With Sidelight A1148 | WSESD-A1148
Pre Hung Single Entry Door A1975 | WSESD-A1975
Single Entry Door A1978 | WSESD-A1978
Single Entry Door | WI-B1290a
Interior Door Paneled | WI-B1028
Interior Door B1292b | WI-B1292b
Interior Door B1291 | WI-B1291
Single Entry Door B1293b | WI-B1293
Stained Glass Panel 144448 | SGP-4448
Lighting 098 | UIL-98
Amazing Single Patio Door | GDFD-1200
Double Interior Door With Etched Glass | DGDSE-1894
Single Entrance Door | WSEID-B1207
Antique French Interior Door | GDFD-A1199
French Interior Door Etched Glass | DGDSE-B1083
Patio Double Interior Door | GDFD-B1317
French Double Door | GDFD-B1318b
Double Interior Door | DGDSE-4673
Double Door With Leaded And Hand Painted Glass | DGDHP-4676
Window Panel Etched And Hand Carved Glass | SGP-4684
Stained Glass And Hand Painted Panel | SGS-4721
Double Window Leaded Glass | SGW-4299
Etched Glass Panel | SGP-4651
Etched Glass Panel | SGP-4652
Hand Painted Glass And Leaded | SGS-4694
Hardware Mortise Lock Set | HM-6357b
Front Single Entry With Wrought Iron Inserts | WSEAS-A0053
Antique French Door | GDFD-B1378
French Interior Door | GDFD-B1379
Encaustic Cement Floor Tile | ATF-7100
Salvaged Antique Encaustic Floor Tile | ATF-7152
Salvaged Antique Encaustic Cement Floor Tile | ATF-7153
Door Accessories | DHA-6332b
Cremone Bolt Lock | DHA-6333c
Unique Item Furniture | UIFU-30
Italian Wall Sconces | UIL-131a
Lighing | UIL-157
Opulent Double Front Door With Amazing Wrought Iro | WEID-B1176
Antique Sconce Lighting | UIL-500
Stained Glass Dome | SGS-4480b
Wooden Window Panelled Shutters | WD-B1286
Arched Double Entry Door | WEAD-B1296
Double Patio Door | GDGD-BA1005
Antique Hand Forged Driveway Gate | CDHF-2496
Antique Rustic Wooden Shelves | DVKT-BA3003
Antique Rustic Style Drawers | DVDR-BA3004
Single Patio Door | WI-A1966b
Art Nuveau Tall Double Front Door | WEAD-A1770
Entrance Double Door With Amazing High Relief Hand | WEID-B1383
Restored Double Entry Door | WEID-B1386
Amazing Half Round Top Double Front Door | WEAD-B1493
Patio Double Door | GDFD-B1454b
Pre Hung Paneled Single Door | WI-B1411c
Front Single Door With Nicely Wrought Iron Inserts | WSESD-B1665
Curved Single Door | GDFD-1172
Double Wooden Window Glasses Installed | WD-B1533a
Glasses Installed Double Wooden Window | WD-B1533b
Solid Mahogany Wood Window | WD-B1534b
Lot Of Interior Doors | WI-B1290g
Wooden Hand Carved Column | UI-3435
Double Entrance Door With Stained Textured Glass | WEAD-B1710
Front Single Entrance Door | WSEID-B1641
Single Entry Door With Three Raised Panels | WSESD-B1703
Front Single Entrance Door | WSESD-B1714
Tall Double Patio Door With Beveled Glasses Instal | GDFD-A1814
Single Patio Door With Sidelights And Transom | GDFD-B1546a
Patio Double Door With Half Round Transom | GDFD-B1547b
Single Entrance Door With Transom | GDFD-B1694
Single Patio Door With Original Hardware | GDFD-B1699
Amazing Patio Door With Etched Glass | WI-B1715
Amazing Patio Door With Etched Glass | WI-B1716
Paneled Single Interior Door | WI-B1729a
Single Patio Door With Textured Glasses | GDGD-B1730
Double Front Door With Amazing Wrought Iron Insert | WEID-B1003
Double Front Door Amazing Hand Carved Details | WEID-B1261
Fixed Frame Window Textured Glass Installed | WD-B1681
Single Entrance Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WSEID-B1666
Wooden Framed Window | WD-B1655
Wooden Framed Window With Two Lites | WD-B1680
Double Interior Door With Raised Panels | WI-1142
Wooden Framed Double Window | WD-B1523b
Security Set Deadbolt | HM-6360s
Rustic Wardrobe | CDEC-3446
Huge Antique Rustic Style Table | DVLR-3450
Amazing Huge Double Front Door Hand Carved Details | WESD-B1744
Door Accessories | HO-6499
Unique Piece Lion Bell Door Old Bronze | DHS-6506
Antique Bell Door Of Cast Old Bronze | DHS-6507
Door Accessories Bronze Finish | HO-6479p
Antique Pull With Mail Box Of Solid Bronze | DHS-6124
Mortise Key Lockset | HM-6366b
Triple Stained And Leaded Glass Door | DGDSE-4153
Door Hardware | DHS-6434h
Antique Enameled Tile Majolica | ATM-7193
Cremone Lock Steel Box | DHA-6319
Bronze Knob | DHS-6457a
Amazing Iron Column | IA-2504
Iron Column Art Nouvea Details | IA-3438
Antique Art Nouveau Furniture | UIFU-3467
Oval Mirror | UIM-12
Beveled Mirror Hand Carved Details | UIM-40
Rectangular Mirror Wooden Frame | UIM-42
Antique Mirror Hand Carved Details Wooden Frame | UIM-48
Wood Framed Mirror | UIM-3471
Unique Lighting | UIL-3462
Unique Wrought Iron Lighting | UIL-2405
Antique Wooden Window | WD-B1852
Antique Single Door With Side Lites | WSEAS-1914
Extra Tall Double Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1489
Huge Antique Double Door | WEID-B1506
Antique Glass Door | GDGD-B1803CA
Huge Oak Double Door Cdm | WESD-B1805
Antique Glass Door | GDGD-B1810CA
Tall Double Door With Amazing Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1827
Antique Glass Door | GDGD-B1828CA
Double Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1831CA
Amazing Solid Door With Sidelights | WESD-B1832
Paneled Interior Single Door | WI-B1420CA
Wrought Iron Balcony | CDHF-2506
Circular Wrougth Iron Balcony | IBF-2512
Wrought Iron Column | IA-2514
Antique Wooden Door | DGDSE-4632CA
Anitque Tile Majolica With Flower | ATM-7210
Old Tile Majolica | ATM-7236
Antique Tile Majolica With Flower | ATM-7249
Double Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1427e
Double Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1445
Interior Door | GDFD-B1846CA
Glass Door | GDGD-B1847CA
Interior Solid Door | WESD-B1802
Vintage Furniture Cdm | CDEC-3544
Iron Coffee Table Cdm | DVLR-3545
Deco Vintage Furniture Cdm | DVLR-3531
Deco Vintage Furniture | CDEC-3554
Deco Vintage Cdm | DVAC-3555
Solid Doors | WSESD-B1901
Garden Gates Cdm | DVG-B1841
Single Iron Insert Door Cdm | WSEID-B1853CA
Deco Vintage Cdm | DVAC-3556
Huge Double Front Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-A1236
Amazing Huge Front Door With Hand Carved Details | WEID-B1372
Interior Glass Door | GDFD-B1845CA
Antiques Pieces | UI-3557
Iron Balconies | IBF-2507
Double Front Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1427c
Double Front Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEAD-B1437
Amazing Hugh Front Door With Cast Iron Inserts | WEID-B1507
Huge Single Front Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WSEID-B1514
Tall Double Front Door With Wrought Iron Inserts | WEID-B1860
Antique French Door With Glasses Installed | GDFD-B1861
Single Front Door With Arched Transom | WSEAS-B1864
Double Front Door With Glass And Transom | GDFD-B1870
Double Glass Door With Beveled Glasses Installed A | GDFD-B1871
Antique Tile Majolica | ATM-531
White Antique Tile Majolica | ATM-545
Items 300 to 350 of 1571 total

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